3 Good Things

3 Good Things

Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day!

I love this quote! Not every day is perfect. The kids may be challenging, you may be short on patience, the laundry needs to be sorted, folded and put away and you haven’t even managed to have a HOT cup of tea! However, there is something good in every day. The fact that the laundry got dried and in the house is an accomplishment. Did you get the kids to school dressed, fed and without tears (from you)? That is an achievement! You may not have found the cure for cancer, baked the most gorgeous cake in the land or effortlessly sailed through your day but you survived with your sanity intact! Win!


I began collecting 3 good things daily in January. The start of every year can be a bit bleak and I was looking for a way to bring more positivity into my days. My Dad shared an article with me which introduced the idea of 3 good things. Its message was simple: at the end of each day find 3 good things and write them down; reflect on your day and celebrate the good in it. I began on 18 January, 2014 finding 3 good things in each day and then sharing them through my social media channels using the hashtag #3goodthings. I have kept it up every day since then. It has transformed my attitude and allowed me to appreciate what we have. And really, we have an awful lot to be thankful for.

Why not try it for yourself? Take one week and at the end of each day, when the kids are in bed and you’re just chilling out, think about your day. Again, the entire day may not have been a smashing success but there were definitely at least 3 good things that happened. I believe you will find that after a few days of doing this, the task becomes easier and you feel more positive and mindful. The original challenge asked you to find 3 good things every day for 1 month. I find that I can’t stop now. 1 month has been and gone and I still appreciate finding the good. It’s important to me now and I feel much better for it.

Will you join me? Follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and use the hashtag #3goodthings and I wil support you in your efforts as well! Your first good thing for today can be taking up this challenge!

Embrace Happy!


6 thoughts on “3 Good Things”

  1. I remember Oprah once had a show in which she suggested you write three things you are grateful for at the end of every day. I did that when I was going through a very bad time. Even now I still read the journals back to myself.

    1. Oprah is good like that Kelly!! It does make such a difference though. It has turned my attitude right around I tell you! Xx

  2. I found you because I was seeing the #3 good things and decided to look see what it was all about— its a great idea something the hardworking mums/grandma’s could do with I think…well done I’m enjoying reading posts

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