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10 Random Things

Yesterday, while wasting time perusing the internet, I saw a link from a blogger friend of mine. Alison at Five Go Blogging lives near to me and is a very crafty lady. She wrote a post entitled 10 Random Things to get a bit of a peek into the workings of her creative brain. I loved the idea so much, I stole it! I’m going to do this each month for a while and see if you enjoy the workings of my manic creative brain as well! Please join in if you feel so moved!


  1. This morning, on the way home from the school run, Sam slipped on the wet pavement on his balance bike. Cue tears and mini-drama. I bent over to pick him up and heard/felt a mahoosive rip in the arse of my trousers. I spend most days in leggings. Today I chose to wear a fairly ancient pair of trousers. This is what happens when you put your far arse in a pair of trousers that are old and fragile. Then when I was filling Sam’s sippy cup with milk, he tipped the sippy cup causing me to drop the 4 litres milk jug I was pouring it from. Spilled milk: at least 1 litre. No tears but one very cheesed off Mummy. Trying to look on the bright side: It started raining properly after Sam and I were already safe and dry in the house. It’s the little things people.
  2. Having a healthy, filling breakfast is very difficult when there are no eggs, gluten free bread or fruit in the house. Shopping fail! I had left-over Spaghetti Bolognese for breakfast.
  3. The presence of a 2-year-old in the home is not conducive to getting anything of importance accomplished. On the plus side, I did get a lovely cuddle this morning and have just watched Toy Story 2 for the 873rd time.
  4. Finally being able to register for GP appointments and repeat prescriptions online has an immensely empowering result. I have cancelled one appointment and scheduled another one in addition to finding out that my repeat prescription is being processed! All without having to speak to the perpetually grumpy receptionist! My GP’s Surgery is finally in the modern age!
  5. Am having some really clever ideas for moving forward with products for Embrace Happy. Am finding that I have no time in which to make them happen. Am finding that falling asleep on my daughter’s bed for an hour or so each night is equally as prohibitive in making things happen.
  6. Has been really proud to see Embrace Happy and #3goodthings making a difference for people. It’s lovely when something you do is well received. Has also been slightly sad to see how few people actually see the Embrace Happy group updates. Facebook is not kind to the little people who cannot pay to be seen.
  7. Have come to the realisation that the “Cause-Eye” that Sam is talking about is, in fact,  “Bullseye” from Toy Story 2. See Number 3 for why I know so much about the Toy Story series.
  8. In researching Paleo and No Grain diets, am finding the ingredients required, in particular for baking, are difficult to come by and ridiculously expensive. I found a jar of Coconut Oil in my local Tesco which cost over £5! I am barely willing to pay £2 for a bottle of store-brand olive oil! Also have realised that coconuts appear to be the prevailing ingredient in Paleo/No Grain recipes. Coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut sugar…where the heck do I find these things?
  9. Had a genius idea: A Blogger eBay-like site! For all the review products you don’t need/want, you can put them on the site, pay a minimum commision if they sell and also link back to your review of the product. Wonder if that idea has legs?? And if it does, don’t steal it!
  10. Is grateful for the end of a short week back to the usual routine. Looking forward to a weekend where maybe some work will get done in the garden. Is wondering if we’ll actually be able to order that Summer House that we have our eyes on. Is wondering whether I will get some time to make some progress on some of the above ideas/jobs?

Join in on 10 Random Things! Sometimes it’s a good thing to get a few musings off your chest! Have a brilliant weekend and remember…Embrace Happy!



3 thoughts on “10 Random Things”

  1. 1.Right lady hide number 9 because it could very well have legs.
    2. You have convinced me that Paleo is not for me -which caveman in the uk would have coconut oil to hand ? Insert bad word
    3. Hang on in there with #EmbraceHappy it takes time to kick these things off. It will happen and this is brilliant :-)
    4. Love this initiative, love you, let’s find time to chat next week with tea and cake xx

    1. Mari!
      Bless you! Thank you for your ongoing support and motivation with Embrace Happy. You are a star. Definitely tea and cake over a Hangout this week. Ciao ciao!
      Karin xx

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