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A Snap in Time- Bedtime

Most nights we have a fairly predictable bedtime routine. My husband comes home from work, we have a family dinner, we go upstairs for baths, get in pyjamas and have a bedtime story. Most nights I lay down with Ella to have her read her school reading book to me and often I read one more story to her from her library. Most nights Mark lays down with Sam to read and have a bottle (Sam, not Mark). It’s not your conventional or “expert” approach to bedtime but it works for our children and for that we say “Yay!”

BedtimeLast night I was going out with some of the Mums from Ella’s school. I wasn’t being picked up until after 8pm but our bedtime routine had been a bit slower and thus I was not going to be able to lay down with Ella. Ella was not happy, as 5 1/2 year olds can often be. Ella needs consistency and is a bit of a creature of habit. Any deviation from the norm throws her. Mummy is always there for bedtime. But last night would be different and she wasn’t impressed. Ella asked to lay down with Daddy and Sammy for bedtime stories and of course, we agreed.

This was the image I captured for A Snap in Time. Bedtime. Lovely. My life, my loves; snuggled up to end the day. These are the moments that make me most happy. The ordinary blips in time that make you forget the stress and strain of the day and appreciate all that you have. For no matter how many problems we may have, both real and manufactured in our over-imaginative minds, we have each other.

I challenge you to capture A Snap in Time this weekend and share it with me through the hashtag #embracehappy or through my social media channels linked below. What ordinary moments will you treasure the most?




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