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A Snap in Time- Ella

I am amazed some days with how quickly my little girl is growing up. Ella is 5 going on 25 in some respects but thankfully is still silly and goofy and wild like all nearly-six-year-olds should be. Yesterday we had a morning out as a family. We drove into Stamford to have a proper breakfast at one of our favourite Secret Garden cafes. As we scuttled through the alleys to get to the cafe, I managed to quickly snap this little gem…

CoolLook at this girl! A riot colour, carrying an ever-present notebook to record her daily movements, handbag (one of about 87) slung across her shoulder, “leather” jacket on and cool shades to block the sun. I love this picture.

One of the loveliest things I’ve been noticing with Ella lately is her interest in and enjoyment of reading. Not only is she reading her chosen school books but she now picks up anything and starts deciphering what it says. I picked up a few early reader books for Ella the other day and she’s loved the challenge of trying new books. I used to read with this sort of passion and I hope that Ella’s love of books and reading continues. Ella has a very vivid imagination as it is and I’m sure all of her reading will enhance that.

Cool3In addition to her love of reading, Ella is always carrying around a notebook to write in, to doodle in and to keep as a diary. We have gone through so many notebooks (most of them only 3/4 finished) that I really need to consolidate them to keep her writings safe. We are also keeping a diary for the Easter Holidays as a homework assignment and Ella has been brilliant at documenting our days in words and pictures. I’m so proud of the effort she is making.

Cool4We were adventuring yesterday, looking at garden houses to add to our back garden. Ella and Sam were having a grand old time testing them out and making us wish we had a spare £1000 and twice the garden to be able to give them such a fantastic space. We believe we have found an affordable addition to our garden that will be both a play place for the children and for Mark and I but now we just need to order it. Our goal this holiday has been to do a garden makeover. It hasn’t happened the way I wanted but it has been great fun involving the kids in the process. Ella spent time yesterday, working with Mark, on drawings of the garden. Maybe she has architechture in her future?

Cool5Thankfully Ella still had loads of spirit and “kid” in her. She still readily does roly polys down the hill with her brother. She still finds great pleasure in bouncing on the trampoline and playing games. She still is my baby girl, needing snuggles at night and lots of praise and encouragement. But I love the young lady she is becoming and I love capturing a snap in time with her.

How are your children growing and changing? What happiness do your children bring to your days? Share with me…I’d love to hear how much your children mean to you!

2 thoughts on “A Snap in Time- Ella”

  1. Wow Ella looks so cool there in your first photo! Love it x lovely to watch them grow and catch snippets of what they like now and wonder how they will use it in their futures. Bex always loved reading, drawing and writing, now heading on to 15 she still likes it but busy with her social life to give it too much time at this stage. No doubt she will pick it up again, she hopes to have a proper blog one day too!

    Keep that very cool photo safe for Ella, as I can tell you now as a teenager she will love to have it! xxxx

    1. Thank you Ali! I’m so looking forward to the adventure ahead! And thank you for stopping by! Come back again! -Karin

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