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A Snap in Time- Happy

In January of this year, I chose to change my attitude. It was time to stop being such a grump! It has made such a difference in my every day mood and has helped me to be able to cope with the normal stresses and strains that parenting presents. It doesn’t mean that I am perfect, by any means. I have days where I get down or frustrated or short-tempered. Generally, however, I am far happier and am spending more time looking on the bright side of life and finding the good in every day. Obviously, starting this site, you would expect me to lead by example right? Well, I am!

This week, a blogger friend of mine, Tara from Sticky Fingers, has set her weekly Gallery theme as “Happy”! Well, I am all over that. I have had a lot of pictures to choose from lately:

BluebellsWe went to the Bluebell Woods at Rutland Water this weekend…happy girl, happy flowers!

BurghleyLakeOn Thursday, after school, we escaped to Burghley House Garden of Surprises & Sculpture Gardens for a play and a picnic. I love this capture…it’s the little things that mean the most.

TreeElla and Sam…growing so much, changing, loving playing together. I just love the looks on their little faces!

EasterEggSince we just had Easter…I threw this one in. Sammy does love his chocolate! It makes him VERY happy!

EllaMy best girl…she may be gaining a bit of attitude but she is still one of the happiest, lovely people I know. She always makes me smile!

Hill RollingI love love love this picture. Ella and Sam, totally embracing happy! Doesn’t it look like fun?!

SillyFacesElla and I always have a read and a cuddle at bedtime. And the occasional silly selfie!

But my favourite, in recent times, is this fab capture of Mark and Sam. They are the epitome of Embrace Happy, don’t you think?

Burghley5Share your favourite images of HAPPY with me and on the Sticky Fingers Gallery this week. Let’s spread the sunshine wherever we can! #embracehappy


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  1. Oh what gorgeous pictures!! Your little family have perfectly summed up what Happy is! So sweet! Xx #thegallery

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