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A Snap in Time- Me

The last year and a bit has been challenging, frustrating and fulfilling all rolled into one. After having 2 children between 2008 and 2011 and battling post-natal depression in 2012, I feel that I have come out the other side stronger and ready for action. In January of this year I finally had the operation I fought tooth and nail to have. Left with a significant rectus abdominus separation and umbilical hernia following the pregnancies and c-section deliveries of Ella and Sam, I was physically a mess. The operation I had in January repaired my divarication and umbilical hernia but has left me with work to do. I need to see my GP to be referred for physio as I need to know what work I can do to repair the muscles that have been put back together. I will never again do crunches or sit-ups but my core needs strengthening. I am slowly working at getting myself back up to speed but am left with weight to lose and no budget for gym memberships. Thankfully, as warmer weather rolls in, getting out and about will be easier and eating less “comfort food” will be welcome.

AprilMeOn Sunday we went, as a family, to Burghley House to explore the Garden of Surprises and Sculpture Gardens for the first time this year. I am NEVER in pictures these days. Partially because I am the one who is always taking the pictures and partially because any time I hand my husband my phone to take a photo, he goes all silly and takes a picture with half of my head cut off. Bless him! So, while the children and Mark were running around a mirror maze, I decided to take a snap in time of ME for a change. Not half bad, actually. I still have a lot of wobbles about my mid-section (ha! Pun intended!) but I am pleased with the initial results. Now it’s up to me to do the rest. It’s hard to find the motivation and even harder when you’re a stay-at-home-mum with no budget and no child care, but I will get back to a physical me that I am happy with.

What about you? Are you happy with yourself physically? Are there things you could/should be doing to show off the best you there is? I really could desperately use a new wardrobe. I spend my days in leggings and fleeces/t-shirts because, really, it’s the way I feel the most comfortable. I would like to look better, look younger, look more fun and fit! Oh to have a new wardrobe! Until then, I will continue to work on embracing happy with the physical me. Share with me your secrets! What makes you feel best physically?

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  1. my body image does not make me happy and it is only me that can make the changes . I am not that bad really, i would just like to be a couple of stone lighter and a bit less wobbly. But hey then there is cake which makes me happy and that is where i fall down.
    you will get there Karin – I think you look lovely and the tummy op must have made a BIG difference to your shaoe and confidence – go you x x

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