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This past weekend I saw a status on Facebook from a company that I follow. They were re-posting a video created by a Dad who had videoed snippets from every Saturday morning with his daughter for several months. In the shots you see half of the Dad’s face as he’s sitting at his computer while the camera records his daughter in the background. You see his daughter in fancy dress, dancing about, playing with dollies, creating Play Doh sculptures and generally having a grand old time. You see the Dad glancing at the camera periodically and more often than not rolling his eyes. Occasionally his daughter bee-bops over to her Daddy and all he can manage to do is grimace or frown at her.

AppreciationNow don’t get me wrong. I am not totally devoid of a sense of humour (like some nasty commenters felt the need to tell me on that FB thread). That Dad obviously saw the comedy value in his daughter’s particularly entertaining and “girly” behaviour and created the video as a tongue-in-cheek look at the joys and tribulations of parenting. I hope. I know parenting can sometimes be a right pain in the bum. When your children are trying your last nugget of patience, are exceptionally hyper and loud or watching Frozen for the 800th time in a row, we all sigh a bit and wonder how soon bedtime is. Being a parent is a hard job. Saturday mornings can be particularly challenging but my first impression when I saw this Daddy’s video was “How sad is that? He thinks his daughter is annoying. Maybe he should join in with her instead of rolling his eyes at her?”

Appreciation3I am not some Super Mum who has infinite levels of patience and revels in every single thing her children do. What I am, however, is exceptionally grateful for the time I have with these two little miracles who sometimes drive me cuckoo. I personally know several parents who would give anything to have their children back in their lives to drive them to distraction. We never know when our comfortable lives will be thrown into disarray. Why waste those precious moments? Some people have lost those moments forever. Be grateful for everything you have and show that appreciation by being PRESENT in your children’s lives and not wishing them away. Children will be children: trying, challenging, delightful, energetic, loud, bouncy, smiley. Nurture that. You are only young once! Embrace it. Appreciate it. Remember what it’s like to have fun. Stop rolling your eyes and join in with your children so you have those memories when you are rocking on the porch 30 years from now.

Appreciation2No children are perfect. No parent is perfect. Enjoy each other’s imperfections and appreciate fully the time you have together. You just never know when that might change.

“Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realise you’ve lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.”

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  1. i could not agree with you more Karin. I missed this kerfuffle but from what you have said, it sounds like this dad insteasd of recording his eyes rolling should have recorded himself rolling around with her
    i too am by no means perfect and i shout too much and think by 6om somedays yay it is almost their bedtime BUT i would never take them for granted and i do love them and they are the best things in and about my life.
    a fab post and i adore the quote x x

    1. Jenny- thank you. I certainly don’t mean to judge anyone but the whole video just made me sad. And the commenters were not evil but were rather unnecessary and nasty. Our kids are little for so short a time. We need to embrace this time because soon enough they won’t even want to spend time with us! And I think you’re a wonderful mummy. Xx -Karin

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you! We all run out of patience at times and when we’re trying to get something done we all roll our eyes or raise our voice! But as you say we need to embrace those years and make the most of them. Speaking from the other side or parenting – I would give anything to go back do it all again – I miss fingers paints and lego building and sleepy night time cuddles! Embrace it people and remember everything you ca – all too soon you’re waving them good bye to grown up life!

    1. Keynko- Oh Mary! Huggles xx. I’m clinging on (in a good way) to every moment I’m lucky enough to have. Thank you for sharing. Come back often!! – Karin

    1. Kirsty- I was ok with the comments but it really resonated with me. The people who told me to get a sense of humour made me sad for their children as well. We all have our moments where we’ve had enough but why would you ever want to crush a little person’s spirit?? They are only little for a very short time. Thanks for your support as ever xx. -Karin

  3. Great post Karin. I know which video you mean. I didn’t watch it and have ‘warm fuzzy” feelings after. I am terrible for losing my patience quickly and struggling to muster the energy to play, but I know how lucky I am to have my kids driving me to distraction. You’re right, we’re lucky and it all happens and changes so quickly x

    1. Rachael- I hear you. What has changed for me is my patience level. And accepting that kids need to be kids. I’m not perfect, I lose my patience, I get tired. But since Jennie Henley lost Matilda and I’ve watched her grief, I never take the small stuff for granted. I try really hard every day to appreciate the time we have together no matter how imperfect it can be. You’re doing everything right. You are a lovely Mum. Xx Thanks for your support. -Karin

  4. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that whilst watching this video. I daren’t comment as everyone else who commented that I saw was so positive about it where I just wanted to scream “Just play with the poor kid!”

    1. Mummypinkwellies- Yes, people love to gang up on an opinion. I kind of shushed them with “Have a nice day” and saying that getting nasty about someone’s opinion is entirely unneccessary. Hey ho, I still thought the video was sad. I’m sure it was done to “go viral” but it still depressed me. I will relish in every moment I am lucky enough to have. It all goes way too fast. Thanks for your support lovely!

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