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Best laid plans

The last week of our Easter/Spring Holiday didn’t go according to plan. I’m rather grumpy when things don’t go according to plan. The original plan was that Mark would be on holiday from Friday evening, 11 April through Monday 21 April. A much needed break from work and a chance to have fun as a family in addition to starting our garden makeover. That’s where the best laid plans went right out the window. Mark ended up with work difficulties that extended beyond the close of play on Friday 11 April and required him to spend half a day at work on Monday 14 April. The garden makeover that I had hoped would get done only has just gotten started. The family fun happened but not entirely as I had planned. There was a lot of eating out, not much of “just the four of us” and virtually no time for just Mark and I. I had a rather low weekend, kind of feeling sorry for myself, truth be told. And then I remembered that we had one more day…Bank Holiday. One more day to have fun, get things accomplished and celebrate with just the four of us. Yesterday our best laid plans happened!

FamilyThis is how my day started. A little note from my best girl, hoping that I would have a good day. I was determined to make it happen. While Mark got stuck in (literally) to the garden border that he had hoped to have done by then, I put the guinea pigs in a pen outside to clean their inside pen. Ella and Sam had already put on their welly boots and ventured outside and were playing really nicely together. The telly got turned off, the piggles got fresh air, the pen was cleaned. I then decided to restore order to the children’s area of the lounge with a bit of help from Ella and only minor assistance from Sam. Then it was time to really enjoy the day.


Still in my pyjamas (but at least the kids were dressed), I sat on our one garden lounge chair and watched the children play and Mark dig. The sun was warm and slightly hazy, the breeze was blowing and I took a deep breath in and just let it all go. The frustration for my best laid plans, my stress, my worries…just let it go. While the children took turns on the trampoline and made up games to entertain themselves, I finally got dressed (at 2pm) and started a bit of garden tidying myself. I focused on the back of the garden where I am making a bit of a Fairy Mountain area…more on that later! We had a snack in the mid-afternoon and everyone was happy and having fun without stress or strain. The garden was starting to look better and I was happy. I found my happy again.

Family3Ella managed to find two snails to entertain her, Sam found a snail to torture! Mark hacked away at a particularly stubborn stump which has been a stump for about 5 years now. Eventually victory was his! He just might have pounded his chest had I not been there! By the time the grey clouds rolled in, we had accomplished a great deal, gotten loads of fresh air and sunshine and had a pretty awesome day. We rounded out the day with fish and chips (gluten free for me) from our favourite chippy and got the children in bed before 8pm!

Family4So the best laid plans for the week we had together didn’t entirely happen. Most of the best laid plans unfortunately had to be forgotten but we had quality family time together. One of my greatest challenges is to lower my expectations a bit. I put so much pressure on myself to plan and make sure everything is fun and happy that half of the time, I end up being the unhappy one. I need to live in the moment, stop looking so far down the road and just BREATHE! Embrace Happy and all that! Happy comes in so many forms; we just have to relax a bit to let it in!

Family5Are you like me? Do you put too much pressure on yourself to plan too much? To force the happy? Let’s make a commitment to lightening up a bit and just letting the chips fall where they may, huh? Let’s embrace happy as it comes and allow the fun and love to come through in their own way. Let’s be grateful for the opportunity to be together as a family and celebrate whenever we can. Are you with me? Lowered expectations! Allowing the sunshine in! Creating our own sunshine when the real sun is hiding! Breathing happy in and just letting go! Yes, that’s what we’re going to do. Embrace happy…who’s with me?


6 thoughts on “Best laid plans”

  1. Lovely when you can turn a situation like this around and feel positive about a day. Well done Ella for stating with that lovely Easter note for you. I love the idea of being in your longer in your PJs watching the kids play, bliss! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    1. Thank you Fiona (Coombe Mill)!
      Yesterday was one of THOSE days. So simple yet so happy. That’s the key, I think! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am a little like you and hate it when things don’t go to plan, I am glad you had a relaxing day and everyone enjoyed themselves without having to get dressed until later or leave the house, we recently had garden fun with snails too! #countrykids

    1. Baked Potato Mummy, Thank you for stopping by to comment! I think we all try so hard to make our lives full and good that sometimes we over-extend! I’m going to take a chill pill and let the fun happen naturally. Wish me luck!

  3. Such a sweet girl to write that note. I just saw Frozen and I dont like it as much as other people do but the song makes sense, Let It Go and everything will fall on their right places … I just dont know if im telling this to you or me =P #countrykids

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