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Every day may not be good…

Saturday was supposed to be a good day. Saturdays are generally quite good. Part of the reason I look forward to the weekend so much is that I get to share the parenting responsibilities with my husband. Yes, of course, he is around during the week. But from 7:45am-7:00pm, Monday through Friday, the parenting responsibilities are mine. That involves everything from feeding and dressing the children to doing the school run, assorted errands and appointments throughout the day, keeping the house tidy-ish, doing freelance writing and blog work, maintaining my sanity and attending play dates and dance and swim lessons. As any stay-at-home/work-at-home/work-out-of-the-home mum will attest, it’s a lot to do. Most nights, after sitting down to a family dinner, orchestrating the baths and attending to the bedtime routine, both Mark and I will often nod off whilst putting the kids to bed. It’s inevitable really. Which is why I enjoy the weekends. I get to share my responsibilities with another adult! I get another adult to talk to, to laugh with, to commiserate with. We are a family on the weekends which makes me very happy indeed.

SaturdayHowever, Saturday ended up not being terribly good after all. My husband was orchestrating preparation for the annual stock take at his company and felt that in order to be prepared for the following week, he would need to work on Saturday. This used to be a much more common occurrence but now it is quite rare. I’ve become spoiled. To make the situation even more dire, not only would my husband be working on Saturday, he would be working the ENTIRE Saturday! All blinking day! I was grumpy. My mood was low, I was stressed and irritable as I came down the stairs for breakfast in the morning. This set the tone for the rest of the day really. I was short with the children, I got shouty and the slightest thing would start me off. There was nothing wrong with the children, really, it was me. All me. Miss Grumpy Pants. In fact, at one point, my 5 1/2 year old daughter took the time to write me a note to tell me that “You are beeng shouty”. I was told.

I realised that I created my mood because in my head I was pissed off. I was disappointed that my usual Saturday wasn’t happening. I was tired from a difficult week with nightmares and fractured sleep from my daughter and the usual bedside companion of my son in the middle of the night. I was ready to share the parenting but I would have to wait. I made our day grumpy. What I really should have done was let things go. We should have gotten out in the neighbourhood and gone for a walk. We could have gone down to our village park. We could have really thrown in the towel and watched a DVD. I let my mood colour our day and that’s not fair to my children or to me really. I didn’t let it get as low as I could have done because I was constantly telling myself to “snap out of it” but I struggled to embrace happy.

And do you know what? That’s ok! We can’t always be gushing happy. If we are generally a happy person, we can get back to the Embrace Happy state. Some days are bad. Some days are grumpy. Some days, however, are worth saving. Last Saturday was one of those days. I should have tried harder to not be shouty. I needed an attitude adjustment. Lesson learned…if you create a negative mindset about something, it is VERY difficult to embrace happy. Next time I will try harder. And if all else fails, we’ll throw Frozen in the DVD player, pop some popcorn and “Let It Go!”


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