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Yesterday, although the sun was not brilliantly shining, I decided it was time to get out and get some fresh air as a family. Last Sunday, Mother’s Day, I had wanted to christen our Burghley House Garden of Surprises & Sculpture Garden family membership but family challenges and help needed prevented that. One week late, I chose to get out and enjoy our surroundings. Burghley House is a brilliant stately home about 8 miles from our house. We have enjoyed it for years and thanks to my Mom, who bought us a Season Gardens Family Membership, we can enjoy it for free whenever we like. It wasn’t entirely the best weather to be running around water features but the kids had a blast and got a bit too wet. Thankfully there was a hand drier in the toilets so I could dry Sammy’s trousers after he got caught off guard in a fountain!

BurghleyThere weren’t a lot of people around yesterday so we felt a lot like we had the entire estate to ourselves really. The children got to practise their climbing and jumping skills and burn off plenty of energy while the hubby and I enjoyed watching them and laughing right along with them. Fresh air is absolutely the best medicine for anything that ails you. You cannot possibly be grumpy when you’ve gotten some fresh air in your day!

BurghleyCollage1The Garden of Surprises and Sculpture Garden have everything that kids need to have fun. One of our favourite parts at Burghley House is the climbing tree and logs. They are usually full of adventurous children testing their climbing prowess but yesterday we were unihibited. It was like it was our own garden! Ella and Sam had a brilliant time.

BurghleyCollage2I challenge you to get outside this week. It does wonders for your heart and soul! It could be simply a walk around the block at lunchtime or an outing like we had yesterday. Leave distractions behind and just breathe. Even the hubby and I got in on the fun yesterday!

Where will your fresh air adventures take you this week? Share them with me on our social media channels by using the #embracehappy hashtag. Now get out there and BREATHE!


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