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Happiness Smoothies

We all are looking for easy, nutrious ways of fueling our children. Of course, you can pick up the nearest Innocent Smoothie (which I do love) but there’s a cost involved. I’ve been motivated lately to make our own smoothies. I like to call them Happiness Smoothies because they are chock-a-block with gorgeous fruit filled with vitamins to boost not only our physical self but our mood as well. It’s like sunshine in a glass really!

SmoothieThe ingredients were simple yet super tasty and zingy. The amounts I leave up to you but here is what we did and how far it went!

  • 150g frozen raspberries
  • 1 ripe mango, peeled and sliced
  • 2 ripe kiwi, peeled and sliced
  • 5 or 6 chunks of watermelon (optional…helped to make it juicier)
  • 100ml orange juice or 100ml milk

Smoothie2I place all of the above ingredients in a food processor although you could use a blender or stick blender. I whizzed the fruit for several minutes before adding the liquid (orange juice or milk). I was looking for a fairly blended consistency but there were small pieces remaining which made for a nice bit of zing when drinking.

I was able to serve the kids 1 1/2 cups (IKEA kids tumblers) of smoothie each (two children) and 1 medium juice glass for myself. As for the cost? Well, shopping at Aldi these days, a 300g tub of frozen raspberries was £1.49, the mangoes were £1.49 for 2 ripe mangoes, the kiwi were £1.69 for a 6 pack and the watermelon was £1 for a small, whole watermelon. Not a bad investment which has made us 2 days of smoothies!

Smoothie3Ella can definitely be the more finicky of my two children and she was practically licking the glass when her smoothie was finished. In fact, she nicked the jug I served them from and served herself a bit more when I wasn’t looking. I like that sort of enthusiasm! And Sammy was quite happy with the smoothies as well, happily having seconds and really enjoying it. So there are my Happiness Smoothies! Great vitamins to boost your mood, a brilliant colour and a super way to get quick energy in a long day of playing, having fun and making memories!

What ingredients will you add to your Happiness Smoothies?! Give it a whiz (see what I did there?) and let me know your recipe! Share your pictures with me using the #embracehappy hashtag!



2 thoughts on “Happiness Smoothies”

    1. Ali, They were so tasty and zingy! Made me feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed straight away! And love Aldi. I’m a convert!
      -Karin x

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