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My Happy Place

Over the weekend I challenged the members of the Embrace Happy Facebook Group to share their Happy Place in/around their homes. Of course, it’s only fair that I share my Happy Place as well. I had a good think for a bit to figure it out. I have a very happy place which is a particular side of a particular sofa in our lounge. I always sit there. It’s where I sit when Mark and I finally make it downstairs after putting the children to bed. That’s pretty much the only time I sit there. As much of a happy place as it is, it’s not terribly well-used. I then thought about our kitchen. That is also a very happy place for me. It’s the sunniest room in the house and is the place I spend most of my afternoon as a result. However, in thinking of how I am going to be eating better, cutting down on sugar and baking, suddenly my kitchen is not my favourite place.

My happy place is currently a work in progress and a place I hope to love even more in the very near future. My happy place is our garden.

MyHappyPlaceLike I said, it’s a work in progress. Loads of work is yet to be done and it’s no where near being ready for proper sitting and enjoying yet but it is still the place that I feel the happiest. The sun is warm and cozy in the mornings and by mid-afternoon hits only the back of the garden so on the hottest days of the Summer, the garden is still a tolerable place to be. We are HOPEFULLY adding a Summer house in the far right corner of the garden (behind those somewhat scraggly bushes) before Summer kicks in and I am thoroughly anticipating the fun in decorating and using it to keep my inspiration flowing for future projects! Mark even promised to run power to the Summer house!!

Where is your Happy Place at home? Why does it make you happy? Share it with me through Facebook, Instagram or another blog post!

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