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Someday is not a day of the week

Last night I was perusing Facebook on the iPad, as one does at 11pm when one should be going to bed. I saw an app advertised on Facebook for Reading Rainbow. Reading Rainbow is an American show on PBS (Public Broadcasting System…where Sesame Street lives) hosted by LeVar Burton. He presents stories, others narrate them, some animation is used, kids are involved…all good and all about reading and the magic of diving into books. I remember the show from when I was young so I thought Ella would benefit from the (free) app.

Someday1As I flipped through the various book selections to choose from, I stumbled across the book above entitled, “Someday is not a day of the Week” by Denise Brennan-Nelson. It’s a poignant story about a little beaver (now no laughing here…it’s American) called Max who keeps asking various members of his family to do things with him and he gets the same response from them all…”Someday”. When Max realises that “Someday” is not a day of the week, he presses each family member to pick a day instead of always telling him “someday”. Bless his cotton socks, he finally gets the time he so desperately needs and wants when “Someday” becomes “Tuesday” or “Saturday”.

The book made me a bit sad and wistful. How often do we say this very thing to our children? How often do we say this very thing to ourselves? “Someday” becomes a way of putting something off indefinitely but not entirely saying “No!” Maybe, instead, we need to give a specific answer when our children press for “WHEN?” Maybe we need to realise how very important that thing is to them and put aside the task we are working on for a period of time and give our kids what they need. Us. Maybe instead of telling ourselves that “Oh, I’ll write that novel SOMEDAY, when I have more time/money/sense/patience/space…” we need to just commit to it and make a START. Someday is not a day of the week. Someday, often times, never comes. Life carries us along and the “somedays” blend into “everyday”.

We’re not going to change the rotation of the planet by NOT doing the ironing but you most certainly are going to change the rotation of your child’s world by playing with them and giving them your attention. You’re more than likely not going to become the next J.K. Rowling by starting that novel but you just might find a new passion and a renewed energy for life that in turn helps you to become a healthier person and allows you to Embrace Happy. All by saying TODAY instead of SOMEDAY. Give it a try this week. The next time your little one asks, “Mummy/Daddy, can we have DVD night and eat our dinner on the carpet?” tell them WHEN instead of “Yeah, maybe another day sweetheart”. The next time you are struck with a genius idea for a short story, instead of talking yourself out of it, start writing it down on paper. The next time your partner suggests going out on a Date Night together, don’t suggest “someday”. Suggest THIS weekend! Someday may never come. Make it happen.

What will you say “Yes” to this week? Share your #embracehappy #makeithappen stories with me on Social Media.


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