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What makes your soul happy?

Yesterday I pinned a quote…”Take time to do what makes your soul happy”. I love this. Take time. We don’t do that much these days do we? We rarely seem to take time for ourselves, to focus on our partners, to fully appreciate and pay attention to our children. So maybe it’s time, particularly on a weekend day, to do just that.

What does make your soul happy? I believe that we lose ourselves a bit when we become parents. We are so focused on providing for the children and keeping all of the balls in the air that we often forget what makes us happy as individuals. Maybe it was knitting? Did you used to go for a leisurely swim on the weekends before the rest of the world was in full swing? When was the last time you got enthralled by a good book? Personally, I used to love reading. I am one of those readers who gets sucked right in to the story, when it’s a good one. I love being lost in another place for even a few hours. I can’t remember the last time I did that!

Today, think about what it is that makes your soul happy and make a commitment to make it happen at least once by the end of this month. Then make a further commitment to do it more than just once! What will your happiness be? Share it with me through social media…find me through my Social Media Channels buttons in the right sidebar and use the #embracehappy hashtag. Now, go on…find your happy!


Share your thoughts! Embrace Happy!

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