Daily Inspiration

I’ve learned

Today a highly honoured woman died. Maya Angelou was a master of words that reached to the core of so many. I took her words for granted but today read them with a new clarity... I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will… Continue reading I’ve learned

Daily Inspiration

Happy Faces

Today I am celebrating my children. I have two amazing children and their faces light up our life and make us happier in return. Isn't it wonderful to see a child smiling? Or even better, to hear that giggle that only a baby or toddler can have? Have an extra good look at your little… Continue reading Happy Faces

Daily Inspiration, Savour Our Weekend

Savouring our Weekend- May 17-18, 2014

I talked last week about how much I am enjoying our weekends now that we have no major committments with activities or classes. This weekend, the entire country agreed with me! We didn't want it to end. The PROPER sun came out and it truly felt like Summer. And what better to do than spend… Continue reading Savouring our Weekend- May 17-18, 2014

Daily Inspiration

What happiness means to me

I started Embrace Happy after spending about two months doing the 3 Good Things challenge. I was sharing my #3goodthings every day through my social media channels and a few people became interested in what I was doing. A few people started joining in with #3goodthings as well. This made me happy. I realised that… Continue reading What happiness means to me

Daily Inspiration

Random Act of Kindness Challenge

Today, on the Embrace Happy Facebook group, I challenged the members to do a random act of kindness. It could be anything for anyone or for no one! Maybe you know one of your neighbours is struggling with something? How about picking up a small bouquet of flowers or a plant and giving it to… Continue reading Random Act of Kindness Challenge

10 Random Things

10 Random Things- May

Ah, May! Summer, really. My home state in the US is only just starting to thaw yet we here in England have had two and a bit months of flowers, warm-ish air and sunshine to shake the dregs of winter off. I am currently sitting in our little muddle of a garden while Sammy plays.… Continue reading 10 Random Things- May

Daily Inspiration

Savouring our Weekend

I love Fridays. I have always loved Fridays. Back in the day, and in another country, I used to have Friday afternoon off and it was bliss. Because I worked Saturday mornings, I always made sure I had Friday afternoon off. Now, the reason I look forward to Friday is because I get to share… Continue reading Savouring our Weekend

A Snap in Time

A Snap in Time- Siblings

I remember watching Ella playing, before Sam was even a thought in our heads, and thinking, "Oh, sometimes she seems quite lonely! It really would be nice for her to have a sibling!" We were worried when Sam turned out to be a boy, that Ella would be angry and upset that we didn't present… Continue reading A Snap in Time- Siblings