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10 Random Things- May

Ah, May! Summer, really. My home state in the US is only just starting to thaw yet we here in England have had two and a bit months of flowers, warm-ish air and sunshine to shake the dregs of winter off. I am currently sitting in our little muddle of a garden while Sammy plays. I’m staring at my laptop screen, squinting through the glare and realising what a First World Problem this is. So while I am enjoying a bit of bliss in my imperfect happy place, I thought I would share with you my 10 Random Things for May. Feel free to join in!

GardenSamI have been eating Paleo-ish for about 2 weeks now. I have fully embraced healthy eating and am quite enjoying food at the moment. It’s very challenging to break habits of a lifetime but I can report that I have decreased my sugar intake dramatically, have increased my fruit and veg intake exponentially and have finally found a way to love cabbage and cauliflower (butter sauteed and riced & fried, respectively). I have more energy, feel far less bloated and heavy and have lost around 5lbs. This is a very good thing indeed. I have even started a closed Facebook group called Embrace Healthy Eating. If you are interested in joining, let me know! Food is good!

My amazing best girl, Ella, who will be 6 in less than a month, has her first wobbly tooth. It’s the bottom front one, probably the first one that came in, if I remember correctly. When we discovered this last week, I suddenly had one of those “fast-forward, Hollywood” moments. My baby is growing up! When did this happen? As if in step with this miracle, Ella has a new confidence about her regarding school. Where we had wobbles and worries a month ago, suddenly she’s happily going in and tackling whatever comes. She practises what she’s learned in school while at home and has advanced herself to the next reading level because “the purple level was too easy”. I love this change!

Money sucks. Having no money sucks. Having dreams but no money sucks. End of.

I’m loving our weekends these days. I wrote a whole post about Savouring our Weekends. It’s so amazing to have quality time together, to not have to be anywhere in particular at any time in particular. It’s spoiling me for the rest of the week.

We received a review product that I am a bit excited about. It’s from a company that send wood in the post! In addition to the wood and kindling we have ingredients and directions for making S’mores. I am Queen of the S’mores. I am American. It’s what we do best. I am planning to have a fun Friday night with Mark and the kids. We’ll do dinner outside, maybe on the BBQ and then build a fire in our fire pit thingy (technical term) and have some S’mores. Talk about happy! Oh, yes, it shall be so. Now please don’t rain.

My Facebook group for Embrace Happy has grown to (currently) 117 members! Woo hoo! More and more people are embracing happy! Sure, not everyone participates on a daily basis but if the message is getting through and people are feeling better for it, that’s all I care about! I am so pleased and looking forward to introducing some fun things in the coming weeks! Feel free to join us on Facebook…Embrace Happy!

I took Sammy to a new Toddler group on Monday. It just so happens to be in our very own village. They just created the group so it’s still growing and adapting but along with about 6 other children, Sammy had a great time. We spent about 45 minutes in the sensory area where he poured lentils and dried pasta into various containers and slowly began to interact with one of the other boys. Then we moved to a building block area where he again, played WITH this other boy. Sam even braved the painting area where he got to make a painting with broccoli and courgette as paint brushes/stamps. He is still talking about it. And he created quite the little masterpiece. Money struggles mean that we can’t afford to send Sammy to our local village preschool just yet but it’s great to get out and give him a chance to grow in the meantime.

My friend Rachael Lucas has just had her first book published! It’s called “Sealed with a Kiss” and you can buy it in Waterstone’s book store and online through Amazon. This is an amazing achievement, one which Rachael has worked ridiculously hard for, bless her cotton socks. “Sealed with a Kiss” is the perfect read for the Summer…I read it last year on my cruise. It’s delightful!

In my new Paleo-ish eating, I have allowed myself a new treat. It’s my new happy, in food, that is. It’s Cadbury’s Bourneville chocolate bar. It costs about £2 but is a good sized bar. It’s proper rich, dark chocolate that is just the right bit of sweet and bite. Dark chocolate is loosely permitted on Paleo and as I’m Paleo-ish, it’s fine for me. It’s my treat, at the end of the day, when Mark and I are sitting on the couch watching telly after the kids have gone to bed. I have 2 squares. No more, no less. I’m like Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love it!

Did I mention that Ella’s birthday is coming up? We’re having a Frozen Sing-a-Long party. We’ll be showing the film, singing and having a grand old time. Ella says that I can’t come in when the movie is playing but I beg to differ. Well, I’ll probably allow her to dictate my presence but I’ll be standing outside the room and singing along! Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore!

There are my 10 Random Things for May! What random thoughts have been popping into your head lately? Do share them with me! See you soon and remember…#embracehappy!




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  1. LOVE this post and LOVE Embrace Happy too, it’s all coming together so well. We need a hangout soon, next week maybe, let’s do it and happy May to you and yours, can’t wait to hear about the S’mores :D

    1. Marianne,
      Thank you for your ongoing support of Embrace Happy. You are a wonderful friend! 😉 Let’s chat next week, definitely! We can both be in our gardens in the sunshine!
      Karin xx

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