A Snap in Time- Siblings 2

I remember watching Ella playing, before Sam was even a thought in our heads, and thinking, “Oh, sometimes she seems quite lonely! It really would be nice for her to have a sibling!” We were worried when Sam turned out to be a boy, that Ella would be angry and upset that we didn’t present her with a sister. Our worries were unneccessary, thankfully. Ella adored Sam from the moment she first met him in hospital. Ella has always looked after her baby brother with care and concern. Ella teaches him, plays with him, protects him and laughs with him. I know they won’t always be the best of friends. I know that there will be fights and arguments. I know that their paths will take them in different directions and very probably, away from each other. But for now, they are the best of friends. And it simply warms my heart to see it.


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