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5 happy facesToday I am celebrating my children. I have two amazing children and their faces light up our life and make us happier in return. Isn’t it wonderful to see a child smiling? Or even better, to hear that giggle that only a baby or toddler can have? Have an extra good look at your little ones today. What is it that makes them brighten your day? Tell them how much you appreciate their smiles and giggles. Have a giggle with them! You’d be amazed with how much better you feel after a proper play and a laugh with your children.

Why not make today a day to celebrate your children? Tell them everything you love most about them. Write a note to them, pop it under their pillow and tell them to search for it. When your children are praised and fulfilled, they puff right up with pride and power! It’s a wonderful circle of encouragement really. For every word of praise, your children in turn become happier and more confident. They laugh easier, smile brighter and have a little bounce in their step. This helps us to laugh easier, smile brighter and have a little bounce in our step! What are you waiting for? Tell your kids…show your kids how very much you love them and how very special they are to you. Do it today!

(please feel free to copy this image, print it out and use with your children today…)

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