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Random Act of Kindness Challenge

Today, on the Embrace Happy Facebook group, I challenged the members to do a random act of kindness. It could be anything for anyone or for no one! Maybe you know one of your neighbours is struggling with something? How about picking up a small bouquet of flowers or a plant and giving it to them? Are you baking today? Could someone use a bit of homemade goodness to brighten their day? Make a double batch of whatever you’re making and share it with a friend. Do something awesome anonymously! Pay for someone’s coffee at a cafe, pop a note in someone’s postbox to tell them how special they are, even though you don’t know them! Leave a surprise for your child to open when they arrive home from the school run. Make your partner’s favourite dinner and serve it on your “best” dishes, turn off the telly and light a candle.

BakeItForwardA couple of months ago I made some lovely chocolate crispie cakes for no reason, popped them in a box and took them on the school run. I handed them out to the Mums and Grandma’s waiting for their children to come out of school. I handed them out to some siblings and classmates of my daughter. There was no ulterior motive, no reason for it. I just wanted to share a bit of happiness with everyone. It was good fun, I felt good about it and everyone had a nice treat. Random and Kind. Embrace Happy!

So why not make someone’s day? Your day will be remarkably brighter as a result. Share your random act of kindness with me on social media channels with the #embracehappy hashtag and good luck!

Share your thoughts! Embrace Happy!

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