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I love Fridays. I have always loved Fridays. Back in the day, and in another country, I used to have Friday afternoon off and it was bliss. Because I worked Saturday mornings, I always made sure I had Friday afternoon off. Now, the reason I look forward to Friday is because I get to share parenting on Saturday and Sunday. Shared parenting is the best! We also no longer have ballet on Saturdays so now the whole weekend is ours. Happy days!

The weekend is for bouncing on the bed; for slow starts to the day; quiet mornings; cooked breakfasts; play places; sweeties; late dinners and bedtimes; Prosecco.

Weekends are for stealing a bit of me time, for stealing a bit of us time. Weekends are for planning meals, catching up, looking forward.

Weekends are for embracing happy, recharging your batteries, appreciating the small things. What is your favourite way of savouring the weekend?


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Karin Joyce is a 40-something wife & mother who is helping to spread happiness one smile at a time. Karin is also a blogger and social media addict whom you may also know as Cafe Bebe. American by birth, UK permanent resident by marriage, Karin loves The Mentalist (specifically Simon Baker), her smartphone and lie-ins on Saturday mornings.

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