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Time for yourself

I am very bad at taking time for myself. I spend the week around people who need me 24 hours a day. Although I drop Ella off school for 6 hours, I still have Sammy to enjoy my day with. At nearly 2 and a half, Sammy is getting to the stage where he could really use other adults and children to play with but our finances just don’t permit for that at the moment. When it comes to the weekend, I so enjoy spending time together as a family of four, that I rarely take time to do anything on my own. And we all NEED to do this more! In order to be a happy partner/friend/mother/daughter/sister, we have to take time to revitalise and rejuvenate. When was the last time you did this?

Burghley2Here is your challenge for this week…

Take ONE HOUR this week for yourself

That’s right! One whole hour (minimum) where you are not beholding to anyone but yourself. One whole hour where you choose how you spend your time. Set a timer if you have to! Make a decision about when this will be possible and make the necessary preparations for it. Inform your partner, tell your children, make the necessary childcare arrangements and book it into your calendar/journal/smartphone. Go so far as to put an alarm/alert on it so you are reminded! Ideally, this one hour (minimum) will be something that is fulfilling to you and makes you feel rested, refreshed and HAPPY. I don’t want you to do work and you most certainly MUST not do any housework or cleaning of any sort. Even if it does make you happy! Here are some ideas…

  • Take a walk and on the way, breathe in your surroundings, take some pictures, walk at your own pace, play music!
  • Bake something you’ve been wanting to bake for some time. Put the music on in the kitchen and allow yourself to get lost in the process! Lick the bowl! Leave the clean-up for later.
  • Have a bubble bath with a book or magazine. Indulge in a bit of pampering with oils, sugar scrubs, music and candles. Maybe have a glass of wine or a favourite sweet treat?
  • Go shopping! This doesn’t have to involve spending money, mind you! Go to a favourite shopping area, walk at your own pace, go into shops that you would never visit with children in tow, stop for a restorative coffee or tea in an independent cafe.
  • See a film! When was the last time you went to the cinema? How indulgent would it be to take a couple of hours to go to a matinee all by yourself?? Buy the popcorn too!
  • When was the last time you had your hair done at a salon? Make an appointment! Get a trim and a colour! You’re feeling happy about yourself so why not put your best foot forward?

Just a few ideas to help you find what will give you the greatest happiness. Make the commitment today! You’ve got until Sunday to make it happen. Share your experiences through pictures on Facebook and Instagram and in our Embrace Happy Group on Facebook. I can’t wait to see what ME TIME you create. Take time for yourself this week and every week going forward. You deserve it!


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