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It’s time to smile

The world can be a challenging place can't it? We can get down, depressed, angry, grumpy, shouty and nasty. Footballers are biting each other, families are being stressed and torn apart, life is not fair sometimes. But then, there is beauty all around us. There is beauty in the quiet moments, there is beauty in… Continue reading It’s time to smile

Savour Our Weekend

Savour our Weekend- BritMums Live and Family Reunions

This past weekend was filled with inspiration, freedom, revitalisation and reunions. What an amazing weekend and one that I truly have savoured. I returned, for the first time in 2 years, to BritMums Live in London on Friday and Saturday. The largest blogging conference in the UK, BritMums Live brings together bloggers from all over… Continue reading Savour our Weekend- BritMums Live and Family Reunions

3 Good Things, Daily Inspiration

Ups and Downs

Hello Lovelies! This past week has had a lot of Ups and Downs for me! We finally had some proper brilliant sunshine which has made it feel like the Summer could be a very good thing indeed. I got some amazing news about an exciting holiday after Ella finishes school and feel extremely grateful for… Continue reading Ups and Downs

Daily Inspiration

Savouring our Weekend- Water, Play & Fun

Friday is the start of the weekend for me. We got off to a brilliant start when Ella came out of school and showed me the gap where her bottom front tooth had been. Her wobbly tooth from a month or so ago had finally given up and fallen out in the middle of Ella's… Continue reading Savouring our Weekend- Water, Play & Fun

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Be childish!

Hello Lovelies! Who has more fun than a child? Their day is centered around play and entertainment. If something doesn't grasp their full attention within minutes, they're on to the next thing that will hopefully be even better. Puddles are for jumping in! Sand is for digging in! A hill is for rolling! An open… Continue reading Be childish!

Casual Friday, Daily Inspiration

Casual Friday- Take a break

Hello Lovelies! It's Casual Friday! I'm declaring every Friday forever more to be Casual Friday! I used to love Fridays when I was working and if possible, I love them even more now. I know have waxed lyrical about "Savouring the Weekend" but Friday for me is always the start to the savouring. It's the… Continue reading Casual Friday- Take a break

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Share the love

Hello Lovelies! Today dawned and as I struggled to drag myself out of bed, I was reminded that today is Thursday which means that we are two days closer to the weekend. Weekends are my favourite! Shared parenting, happy family time and a different pace to life. I had a really lovely day yesterday and… Continue reading Share the love

Daily Inspiration

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow (June 3) is Ella's 6th Birthday. This past weekend we held a lovely party for Ella and 9 of her friends at my in-law's house. My in-law's have an amazing house, garden and in-ground pool so we were able to set up a giant tent/marquee in which to house the children. Our plan was… Continue reading Happy Birthday