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Be childish!

Hello Lovelies!
Who has more fun than a child? Their day is centered around play and entertainment. If something doesn’t grasp their full attention within minutes, they’re on to the next thing that will hopefully be even better. Puddles are for jumping in! Sand is for digging in! A hill is for rolling! An open path is for running/skipping/scooting/biking! Life is all about fun and happiness!


Yesterday we spent 45 minutes playing in water features at Burghley House Garden of Surprises near our home. Ella, Sam and their friends ran around, splashed, spluttered, squealed and sat in the fountains. From one feature to the next, giggles and glee. It was awesome to watch. Look at Ella’s face in the picture above. Happiness, pure happiness!


I challenge you, this weekend, to take time to BE CHILDISH! Make an effort to play like your children play. Get down and dirty, splash in puddles, run with abandon, giggle and just have fun. Forget about grown up stresses for an hour and just have fun. Your children will see you in a different light and you just might see yourself in their eyes. I think you’ll like what you see!


Go on, be childish! Ready, steady…get your wellies on! #embracehappy

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