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Casual Friday- Take a break


Hello Lovelies!

It’s Casual Friday! I’m declaring every Friday forever more to be Casual Friday! I used to love Fridays when I was working and if possible, I love them even more now. I know have waxed lyrical about “Savouring the Weekend” but Friday for me is always the start to the savouring. It’s the last school run of the week, there are no after-school activities scheduled and we tend to throw the clock back for bedtime for the kids to be able to enjoy a bit more time together.

This Casual Friday, the first on Embrace Happy, I want you to take 20-30 minutes for yourself today. 20-30 minutes (minimum) to TAKE A BREAK! What? What? What? I hear you ask! Yes, that’s right. Take a break! Shut yourself off from the outside world, get a quiet space, get comfortable and tune OUT. Why? I hear you ask? Well, because. We all need, nay DESERVE, to have at least 30 minutes of peace and quiet to ourselves EACH DAY. You need time like this to focus on yourself, not be at someone’s beck and call and take yourself to another place…to a happy place. You will be amazed at how revitalised and recharged you will feel if you take just 20-30 minutes and be SELFISH. How could you achieve this?

If child-care is an issue, perhaps your TAKE A BREAK time needs to come after the children are in bed? Or maybe you need to get up a bit earlier than the rest of the house and have early morning quiet time to start your day? If child-care isn’t an issue, make a real commitment to TAKE A BREAK each and every day at a similar time. Book it into your calendar, make it a priority on your To Do List! Start your day, after the school run with your TAKE A BREAK time.

MyHappyPlaceNow, what could your TAKE A BREAK time involve?

  • A HOT cup of your favourite beverage and a little snacky treat.
  • Watching a “guilty pleasure” television show. I promise not to tell if it’s “Jeremy Kyle” or “Real Housewives of Orange County”.
  • Buy a magazine you’ve been wanting to read, take the time to actually READ it.
  • Sit outside in the garden
  • Have a look at old photos and remember happy times.
  • Do a craft or sewing project that is simply for YOU and for fun.
  • Make a Happy Bead bracelet
  • Do a bit of gardening
  • Head out for a walk around your village. Take it ALL in!
  • Edit some photos of your favourite people. Save them and make plans to print them out and display them around the house.
  • Trawl through some inspirational and motivational sites
  • Meditate and/or do a bit of yoga/pilates. Get in touch with your inner strength.
  • Schedule a FaceTime or Skype chat with a friend/family member
  • Have a luxurious bubble bath
  • Take a nap!

I’d love to know what you plan to do! Share your #takeabreak plans with us on social media and be sure to tag me in using @karinjoyce (Instagram), Karin Joyce (Facebook) and @cafebebe (Twitter). Casual Friday and Take a Break! Make it a regular happening!


3 thoughts on “Casual Friday- Take a break”

  1. I did it AND I did more than 30 minutes. I went to visit my grandma and chatted for over an hour. It was lovely, we both enjoyed each other’s company and it did me 100% good. Fantastic idea and I must do it more often

    1. BRILLIANT Mari!! I sat in the sun in my garden for 40 min. Ate my lunch, trawled social media and listened to my Happy playlist! Yay for us both!!

  2. Hi

    Came here from the BritMums Round Up. One morning this week (when my 3 kids were at school), I stopped all the usual stuff, and watched a film. Just me. Just myself. Just for fun. It was fabulous. Best 2 hours I’ve spent in ages. It was The Blind Side, which I’ve seen a couple of times before, and loved. I really savoured every moment.

    Looking after yourself is such a good investment. What else would I have spent those 2 hours doing? But if you’re healthy and happy and relaxed, you see it reflected in the rest of the family.

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