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Happy Birthday

Tomorrow (June 3) is Ella’s 6th Birthday. This past weekend we held a lovely party for Ella and 9 of her friends at my in-law’s house. My in-law’s have an amazing house, garden and in-ground pool so we were able to set up a giant tent/marquee in which to house the children. Our plan was to have a Frozen Sing-a-Long party followed by food, fun and swimming. The weather decided to throw us a curve ball this past week as all it did was rain and be unseasonably cool. Thus, the pool, although heated, was a rather chilly 23 degrees C/74 degrees F and it was overcast although, thankfully, it didn’t rain.

I was stressing a lot. I had a war going on in my head! I was ticking off the items that I needed to remember while I was also chastising myself for putting so much pressure on myself. Mark sat me down mid-week and reminded me that it was not a competition; it was for the kids; it didn’t matter what we did as long as the children had fun. Oh, yes, that’s what the focus was meant to be. I was putting so much pressure on myself to create this amazing party for Ella that I kind of forgot that the party was for six year-olds who only wanted to giggle and have fun.

I’ll let you judge for yourself…do you think they had fun?




22Oh yes, we had an amazing time. 9 friends, Frozen and singing, Space Hoppers and chasing, burgers/sausages/hot dogs and yummy snacks and swimming in a slightly frigid pool followed by toasted marshmallows. What more could a group of 6 year-olds want? Not much really! This is what we always have to remember, whether it’s a birthday party or just life in general. It’s not a competition! No one is judging you or giving you an award for your creativity. If your audience is under 10, you don’t need to give them the world. You just need to give them FUN. Children embrace happy far easier than grown-ups. Keep this in mind when you plan your next event. Keep calm and embrace happy. The rest will follow!

Happy 6th Birthday to my darling girl, Ella, on 3 June. We will all be embracing happy…join us?

Major thanks to my good friend Sabina Green for the majority of the images used in this post. I was a bit busy to take pictures. You can see more of Sabina’s writing and photography at her wonderful blog, Mummy Matters.

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

  1. It looks to me that they had an amazing time.
    It’s amazing how much pressure we out on ourselves when it comes to throwing our children’s birthday parties isn’t it?! It’s silly really as, like you say, all they want to do is run, play, and laugh. x

  2. Lovely photos, it looks like a great day. I have attempted a kids party yet, I’m kind of dreading it but your right I think we put the pressure on ourselves. A Frozen singing party sounds fantastic! #point+shoot

  3. All the ingredients for a fantastic birthday party! I can see by the photos that all the children had a wonderful time with lots of fun activities and great food. I love the photo of them all dressed so beautifully and I hope Ella has a wonderful birthday tomorrow. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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