It’s time to smile


The world can be a challenging place can’t it? We can get down, depressed, angry, grumpy, shouty and nasty. Footballers are biting each other, families are being stressed and torn apart, life is not fair sometimes. But then, there is beauty all around us. There is beauty in the quiet moments, there is beauty in the rain, there is beauty in the tears. And when we all need a bit of a pick-me-up, there are our children. There to cuddle us and brighten our days. And just in case you are in need of a bit of sunshine, here’s a great example of that light. It’s time to smile…thanks to Sammy and some bubbles. Have a brilliant day and a relaxing weekend!

About Karin

Karin Joyce is a 40-something wife & mother who is helping to spread happiness one smile at a time. Karin is also a blogger and social media addict whom you may also know as Cafe Bebe. American by birth, UK permanent resident by marriage, Karin loves The Mentalist (specifically Simon Baker), her smartphone and lie-ins on Saturday mornings.

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