Savour Our Weekend

Savour our Weekend- BritMums Live and Family Reunions

BML3This past weekend was filled with inspiration, freedom, revitalisation and reunions. What an amazing weekend and one that I truly have savoured. I returned, for the first time in 2 years, to BritMums Live in London on Friday and Saturday. The largest blogging conference in the UK, BritMums Live brings together bloggers from all over the world to learn, laugh, cry and inspire. It’s been two years since I attended and this year was the first time in my blogging life that I attended as a “blogger” only. I wasn’t working at the conference! What a sense of glorious freedom. I could attend what I wanted, visit friends, be on my own…it was all up to me. I had a glorious room and travel thanks to Royal Caribbean who were my generous sponsors for BritMums Live. The Montcalm at The Brewery was the perfect location and perfect retreat for me on my 36-hour pass away from my lovely family.

BML6I attended sessions that inspired me and reminded me why I began blogging all those 5 years ago. I was encouraged by blogging friends who were loving the #3goodthings and #embracehappy message and let me know how happy they were to see ME happy! There was a lot of love this past weekend. I came away on a real high with a renewed energy for carrying on the path I am on. Most of all, I had a night of uninterrupted rest, great conversation, a few glasses of wine and 36 hours where I was only responsible for myself. It was incredibily liberating. I realised, with the help of the final session of the weekend, that I do not do enough for myself. I need to make time where I am ON MY OWN, even if it’s only once a week. I need time to just be ME. And I need to do the same for my husband. He needs to have a chance to just be HIM as well. We have to support each other to make this happen. Watch this space!

BML10On my way home on the train on Saturday, the sun was simply glorious in the sky. On the longest day of the year I was treated to a beautiful show. And that speedy train led me home to my favourite people who had had a brilliant time together in my absence. We celebrated my return with a Chinese takeaway and late bedtimes for all. It was very good to be home.

Sunday afternoon was about reunions with my husband’s twin sister and her family as they returned from Australia for a 3 week break. We are so pleased to see them, especially Ella. She adores her cousins and particularly her Auntie. Sunday was about relaxation, reuninions and remembering. And a whole lot of swimming by Ella and Sam. This is what life is all about…this is my heart, this is my motivation.

Savour1 Savour2 Savour3 Savour4 Savour5Were you able to Savour your Weekend? I’d love to know what your favourite part of the weekend was? Did you #embracehappy?? I most certainly did.

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