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Hello Lovelies! Today dawned and as I struggled to drag myself out of bed, I was reminded that today is Thursday which means that we are two days closer to the weekend. Weekends are my favourite! Shared parenting, happy family time and a different pace to life. I had a really lovely day yesterday and had the opportunity to make a few people happy with a few good deeds and generosity which in turn made me feel really happy. It’s wonderful to share the love and brighten other people’s day, isn’t it? It doesn’t take money or extravagance. It takes thought and caring and a bit of effort but the return on investment is priceless. My happy mood carried me through the day and kept me on an even keel. How brilliant is that result!

LeonieWhen I was trawling through my emails this morning, I stumbled back to a saved newsletter from the amazingly inspirational Leonie Dawson. There were great nuggets of inspiring ideas in Leonie’s newsletter but I was particularly drawn to the above downloadable image. Leonie created this herself as she had been motivated by the quote from Martin Luther King. I have decided to stick to LOVE too. It’s so much easier, so much happier and so much healthier for us. Yesterday was a day where I put LOVE first and I reaped the benefits as well. How will you share the love today? Here are some ideas…

  • Chat to a neighbour you haven’t spoken to in a while. Ask how they are? Ask if there’s anything they need? You might be able to do them a favour without even planning it!
  • Check out the discounted flowers at your local supermarket or market. They may only be in bloom for a few more days but give the bouquet to a friend or stranger to brighten their day. Better still, divide up the bouquet into little posies to hand out to the school mums on the playground. They may look at you funny but you certainly will brighten their day.
  • Have a glass of your partner’s favourite tipple ready for them when they come home. I’m not suggesting ridiculous house-wifey-ness here, just a bit of kindness to your partner when, perhaps, they least expect it.
  • Pop an “I love you!” note into your child’s pack up. This will really brighten their day when they might be needing it most!
  • Send a card to a family member you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. Go “old school” and buy or make a card, write in it by hand, go to the Post Office, buy a stamp and post it away! Imagine their face when it arrives in their little hands in a few days! Brilliant!
  • Is someone you know struggling a bit? Pick up a few pampering bits and bobs, pop them in a pretty bag or box and drop it off to them. Brighten their day by showing you care about them.

There, that should be enough to get you started! Are you ready to share the love today? Go on, #embracehappy and spread a bit of sunshine all around you.



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