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Ups and Downs

Hello Lovelies!

This past week has had a lot of Ups and Downs for me! We finally had some proper brilliant sunshine which has made it feel like the Summer could be a very good thing indeed. I got some amazing news about an exciting holiday after Ella finishes school and feel extremely grateful for my collaboration with Royal Caribbean. I had a chance to catch up with a lovely friend through modern technology and am very much looking forward to a blogging get-away next weekend which I hope will allow me to recharge my creative and blogging batteries. Very UP UP UP!

UpsBut then, as with everyone, I had a few Downs too. I’m struggling creatively and have hit a bit of a stalling point in several points in my life. I watched an extremely inspirational snippet of a Commencement (University Graduation in the US) speech from Jim Carrey of all people. It totally resonated with me…have a watch, it’s very short!

Genius isn’t it?! “So many of us choose our path out of fear or practicality”…”You can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you LOVE!”


This is what I want! This is what I want for me, for my children and especially for my husband. To be fulfilled doing what we love doing. Why not take a chance? It seriously makes me want to chuck in conventional life and just DO WHAT I LOVE! I am doing it, in dribs and drabs but I have not made a full commitment to making my dreams happen. I am trying to figure out that path and that’s what’s getting me down at the moment. I feel like I’m laying on my back on the grass, looking up at the sky, seeing all the clouds as “What if’s?” and wondering which one to focus on. It’s almost as if I am overwhelmed by the possibilities and can’t find the answers!

20140609-231537-83737002.jpgWe all have Ups and Downs throughout the week but thankfully, my practice with #3goodthings has allowed me to maintain a less cluttered mind and remember the gratitude that I need to hold on to. While I am struggling creatively, we are so blessed to have what we do have in our life. This week we have been able to enjoy the in-law’s pool, have happy, stress-free time together and have just really LOVED each other which is brilliant and amazing.

Ups5When I have struggled in my own little over-cluttered brain, I focus on the people I love and support and ensure that their happiness takes precedence. That in turn, allows me to let go of whatever DOWN thoughts I have circulating and revel in their happiness. And guess what…I end up being happy too! How could I not when I look at these two?

Ups3In my Embrace Happy Facebook group, we have a lovely collection of members who are joining in on the #3goodthings challenge each day. Often, they preface their #3goodthings with, “I had a bit of a bad day today but I still managed to find #3goodthings”. THAT is what it is all about. No matter how POO your day has been, if you can look back on your day and find #3goodthings no matter how trivial they might seem, you have won! Your day is not lost. And guess what else? Tomorrow is another day! You get another chance to have HAPPINESS take precedence. You get another chance to find the good! Take a chance…you never know what amazing things might happen!

InspireIf this post has INSPIRED you to think differently and do differently, share it with others and keep the Embrace Happy movement going forward. Have an amazing weekend and remember…Not every day is good but there is good in every day!

Share your thoughts! Embrace Happy!

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