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Hello Lovelies! When was the last time you made something happen? I mean, thought of an idea, created a plan, set up steps and goals to make it happen and then actually MADE IT HAPPEN! Never? Last month? Last year? How do we keep moving forward, onward, upward? You make it happen, that’s how!


The other day as I was perusing my Facebook timeline, as you do, I stumbled upon a little competition run by PostItNotes. It was called #MakeItHappen. The idea was extremely simple: share a dream that you hope to make happen, mind you, in very few characters. Then the lovely people at PostItNote would impose your dream onto a virtual PostItNote and you’d be entered into the competition. The prize? £1500! Not too shabby. With nothing to lose, I decided, what the heck!

I took a few minutes to think, if we had £1500 given to us, what would we benefit from most? Selfishly, but also unselfishly, the first thing that sprang to mind was a brand new Summer House for the far corner of our back garden. We have a dilapidated old shed currently which is so over-come by cobwebs, they actually crackle when you try to remove anything from their clutches. Gives me the heebie-jeebies truth be told. But my hope, for this Summer, was that I could convert that spider haven into a child and Mummy friendly Summer House. Something that we could build in seating and storage, could paint to be bright, sunny and inspirational and spend the Summer months creating and having fun. I have it all planned out in my mind. And if I was lucky enough to win that #MakeItHappen prize, I would BURN DOWN Cobweb Central and put, in it’s place, a fabulous NEW Summer House with a stable-esque door, windows that open and decorate it with white and yellow walls and multi-coloured bunting. I would visit IKEA to buy Expedit/Kallax storage cubes and storage boxes, cushions and shelves. We would display the children’s art work, get happy photos in bright frames on the walls and run power to the house for fairy lights, a music system and a heater for cool Autumn/Winter days. If I won a #MakeItHappen prize fund, I would create a work-at-home-haven where I could take my blogging and social media dreams that one step further. I would be able to contribute financially to our family more which would allow us to do the things we need to do.

BML9I’m a dreamer. What can I say? But this is a goal that is measurable and achievable, with or without a large financial donation! If this is going to be a dream of mine, why not #MakeItHappen and make it a reality? What has to happen then, is to set up measureable and specific goals (baby steps if you will) to making it happen. I know I want a Summer House/Work Space. First of all, I need to get a concrete idea of REALISTICALLY what that Summer House will cost us. Then, when the budget is in place, I need to figure out how I am going to achieve that. This is my homework now. Make It Happen!

I challenge you to do the same! We have 5 months remaining in 2014. Set a goal for the month of August. Give yourself a bit of “Me” time and allow your mind to wander; to dream. What is it that pops into your head when you think of something that you want to make happen? Grab onto that THING and write it down. There’s your end goal! Then take the next step and come up with several measureable, specific steps to take you toward making that goal happen. Here’s an example:

Goal: To secure 3 freelance commissions/contracts as a community manager/social media consultant.


  • Research 10 brands that I admire/would enjoy working with/for.
  • Determine what social media expertise/services I could offer to these brands.
  • Prepare my Media Kit, CV and Introductory email
  • Approach the Top 5 brands from my initial 10, send them my Media Kit, CV and Introductory email to offer my social media/writing/consulting services.
  • Follow up, one week later, with the brands to discuss contract/commission terms for services.

Et voila! You have a goal, you have steps, you can #MakeItHappen! What are you waiting for? What will your goal for August, 2014 be? You have the power, the creativity and the energy…now, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I’d love to hear more about your goals and dreams. Share them with me through the comments below or through social media! Good luck and keep me posted!



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