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Today I am grateful for…my Husband

Yesterday I sat and watched my husband Mark make calculation after calculation to plot out the course for our new patio. He measured and measured, tapped numbers onto the calculator, got out graph paper and made a map for the pattern. Where I would have just plopped slabs into place and made adjustments for the easiest effort, Mark is methodical in his preparation in order to get it right. I love that about him. It drives me to distraction sometimes but he wants everything to be perfect. And generally it is!


Today I am grateful for my husband. Mark shares the parenting load with me. He is a wonderful father and our children adore him. Mark works hard for us in a stressful job. I often dream about being able to earn more not only to make our lives easier but to give Mark a break; to give him a chance to do what he loves to do. One day maybe,  one day.


As Sammy says, quite frequently these days, “My Daddy, he my best friend!” I am very grateful indeed that my husband Mark is by best friend too. What are you grateful for today? Share it with me!


5 thoughts on “Today I am grateful for…my Husband”

  1. It’s so good to remember to be grateful, I had a row with my husband last night – silly stuff, a disagreement and we went to bed angry which I hate. So I am grateful we woke up this morning and carried on as usual, differences behind us (until next time) but both wishing each other I nice day. I can’t bear grudges. I am grateful we move on …
    Onwards and upwards

  2. Such a lovely post and so important to remember how grateful we are every day. Thanks for cheering me up today when I feel like I’m drowning in deadlines, I feel grateful to my Mum who has popped round to make lunch and my gorgeous little man who keeps kissing me! Thanks for this x

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