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Make It Happen in 2015

As 2014 draws to a close (in the next 9 hours to be exact), it's time to start looking forward. I hate the idea of RESOLUTIONS. They are doomed from the start and quite unoriginal in their wording most of the time. Instead of writing down 5-10 sentences about what I aim to achieve, I… Continue reading Make It Happen in 2015

Daily Inspiration

How to cope with stress

There are TEN DAYS until Christmas!!! T. E. N. While I am thoroughly excited about THE BIG DAY, there's a lot to be done before then. And the fact that there is an ever widening Black Hole in our bank account makes me stress more than a little bit. We are down to the final… Continue reading How to cope with stress

3 Good Things, Daily Inspiration


The Advent season is full swing now. In fact, we're half-way to the BIG DAY which is starting to make be just a bit jumpy at the moment. I still need to sort out presents for family abroad, a few things for my husband and local family and the dreaded Teacher's gifts! But do you… Continue reading #25daysofembracehappy