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The Advent season is full swing now. In fact, we’re half-way to the BIG DAY which is starting to make be just a bit jumpy at the moment. I still need to sort out presents for family abroad, a few things for my husband and local family and the dreaded Teacher’s gifts! But do you know what? I am loving it all this year. I think it’s because I have been practising at embracing happy for the last 11 months! We got our tree set up on the 29th of November which is the earliest it has ever been up. It is also the prettiest tree we have had in years, in my humble opinion. And despite the oven not working, the dishwasher not working, the microwave having blown a bulb and various other things going wrong lately, it hasn’t dampened our spirit. We’re excited for the end of school, excited for Christmas, excited to have two weeks together as a family and excited to start planning for 2015.

I wanted to share this past week’s inspirational quotes that I shared with our Embrace Happy Facebook group and anyone else who happened to follow me. You might find one that really resonates with you. If so, write it down in your notebook, share it with others, use it in a meditation mantra or just copy it off and post it on your bedroom mirror to remind you on a regular basis. We all need a bit of help some days and inspirational quotes can often help to get you through a rough patch!

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If you’d like to join in with #25daysofembracehappy, there’s still time! There’s always time to start a good habit! If you haven’t joined our group on Facebook (Embrace Happy- the group is public) please do so. Everyone is welcome! Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@karinjoyce) to see my daily inspirational quotes as well as our #25daysofsnaphappy photo challenge. See the themes below and join in where you like. As ever, the easiest way to #embracehappy is simply to start looking at life and seeing the good. The tagline of this site is “Not every day is good but there is good in every day”. I am not happy 100% of the time but I simply choose to set aside the bad and focus on the good.

Try practising doing #3goodthings at the end of each day. Look back on your day and find 3 things that were good. Write them down and reflect on them. It’s amazing how your attitude can change toward your day as a whole when you focus on just a few of the good things that happened. You can share your #3goodthings in our Embrace Happy Facebook group, on Instagram or simply for yourself in your notebook. These are great to look back on and gain perspective, particularly if you are struggling. So, there are 12 days before Christmas. What are you waiting for? Start embracing happy NOW!


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