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Celebrate the Week that Was!

How was your week? For many of us in the UK this week involved the return to school after a glorious 2+ weeks of Christmas holiday time. Some of us were gleeful as we waved goodbye at the school gate. Others of us were tearful and already beginning the countdown to the February half term! But as many emotions as there were flying around, it was actually nice to return to a bit of the “same old, same old”. Routine is good! Routine helps our children and indeed ourselves to function better and more efficiently. So back to the routines we went, hopefully without too many bumps in the road.

WeekCollage1What I think it is important to do, regardless of how wonderful or fraught our weeks have been, is to celebrate the week that was. Look back over your week, similarly to how you hopefully do at the end of each day when you find your #3goodthings, and think about what was great, what could have gone better, what was downright rubbish and what you just might tackle differently this week. If you’re anything like me, you take a plethora of few photos throughout the course of your week. What I would like to challenge you to do, and what I just challenged our Embrace Happy Facebook Group to do today as well, is to create a collage from your photos from the week. Find perhaps one photo from each day or several photos from the whole week and pop them into a collage and have a look at what you’ve made. I use apps like PicsArt, Pic Collage and Pixlr Express on my Smartphone and iPad. You can also use PicMonkey and Canva while on your PC or laptop to create a simple snapshot of your week.

Once you’ve created your Week that Was Collage, do something WILD with it! PRINT IT OUT!!! You could do so quite simply from the printer in your home on either photo paper or plain old printer paper. You could send it, hopefully along with several other snaps, through a photo printing service/app or take it to a Boots or Tesco and use their in-store photo printing kiosks to create a physical picture. Celebrate the Week that Was! Look back on the moments you found important enough to take a photo of and be happy about them. If you’re into pushing the creative boundaries perhaps find a fun frame to display the photo in a place where everyone in the family will see it? Or if you’re feeling introspective and wishing to keep your collage to yourself, stick it into your journal or 2015 Notebook and write about the week. Which day was your favourite and why? Which memory will you treasure a bit more? And of course, if you’re anything like me, you will SHARE your collage through social media either on Instagram or Facebook. Feel free to tag me (@karinjoyce) on Instagram and Facebook as well as use the hashtag #embracehappy. I would love to see your Week that Was!

As always, have a brilliant day!


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