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Flashback Friday- Work

This week I have picked a somewhat odd theme for Flashback Friday. Work. A bit of a flyer really but I got to thinking that for most of us, Work has played a major part in our lives. So this week I am asking you to flashback to your working days. Maybe a FIRST day at your FIRST job? Maybe a fun work party that holds great memories for you. Walk down the primrose path to your work days past or present…enjoy the memories!


My Work Flashback Friday is only a few months ago. In October, 2014 an opportunity was pointed out to me. I took a risk, put myself out there and applied for the job. I wasn’t intending to start working. I hoped to get some work to help out financially, to afford to send Sammy to preschool, to inspire me again. I got lucky. I got the job. It turns out that I was worth hiring! Huzzah!

For the last 2 1/2-3 months I have thoroughly enjoyed my foray back into the working world. I have been enjoying 1 day a week in London, working in the office, feeling like a “commuter” except not as grumpy. Sammy has jumped feet first into preschool and is loving it. My husband has been supportive and my in-law’s have been graciously helping us out on my London days. It was all going so well.

And then, boom, a change. A work change. A possible ending in the not so distant future. A temporary change happening immediately. No more London days. Far less income. Still hanging on but no guarantee of the future. This all happened on Tuesday. My London day. My last London day. It’s shaken me. It’s challenged my #embracehappy mantra. I have taken a couple of days to be sad. I have taken time to whinge a bit, even cry a few tears. It’s not all lost but the future is decidedly unclear. Time to rethink, time to take stock, time to adjust.

What I have not let it do is rock me to my core. It’s not about me, my talent, my ability. It’s about logistics and situations. My life is good, bottom line. No, we don’t have financial security or wine & roses every night. But we have each other, we have a home, we have food, we have people who love and support us. We have friends, we have dance lessons, we have two glorious children who are the lights of our lives. Life is blooming good. So I am choosing to embrace happy; to not be sad; to look forward with open eyes and to be positive. Yes, it’s ok to whinge and moan and question and be sad. But then you get over it, you move forward, you grow. My Flashback Friday is only a few months back in the past but it was a monumental step forward for me and I am going to celebrate it and say “Good for you!”

What is your Flashback Friday saying today? Tell me your story!


6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday- Work”

  1. Oh I’m sorry Karin, I had that happen with two jobs I had last year and the one I have now is pretty much hanging in the balance so I get what you mean completely. I had a few very down weeks around Christmas but it was actually #embracehappy that made me focus on the good and it didn’t pan out how I’d feared anyway. You’re so right in that we have so much to be grateful for, we just need to remind ourselves of that when things dont turn out how we might have hoped. I’m sure many good things are about to come your way on the back of #embracehappy so I doubt you’ll be in this situation for long x

    1. Mum Reinvented,
      Thanks lovely. No, it’s not brilliant but there is plenty of good to be found and I certainly have learned a great deal. Social Media is a fickle and transitional world isn’t it? I hope things work out for you! Thanks for your sympathy!
      Karin xx

  2. Oh so sorry, I didn’t realise anything had happened. Well done you for still finding the happy in it, what you have achieved is amazing and you have come so far.

    1. Emsyjo,
      Yes, it all has gone a bit pear shaped BUT there’s always good to find in it! And there’s obviously something better in the cards for me! Right??!
      Karin xx

    1. Kiran,
      Like we said the other night, there are ALWAYS good things to be found. Let go of the negative and move forward. It’s the best thing, really!
      Karin xx

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