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Happy Mail- February 2015

One of the original goals of Embrace Happy when I started it in April of 2014 was to get people sending sunshine through the post more frequently. In the first month of Embrace Happy I threw out a challenge to get people to sign up for my Embrace Happy Snail Mail programme. Anyone could sign up and the system was fairly simple: I would send a letter/card to each person who signed up. In addition, I would pair up each participant with another participant, share address details between the two and then they were required to send a bit of sunshine through the post to their Embrace Happy partner within the month. I know this worked pretty well but I also know that some people struggled to get their partner’s letter in the post in a timely fashion. In this day and age of electronic convenience, sending a letter through the post requires a pretty firm commitment from the sender! But isn’t it lovely to receive some sunshine through the post?!

Happy Mail

So, I am kickstarting Happy Mail for February 2015. This first month, it’s VERY simple. Sign up below and in the month of February, you will receive one letter/card from me! I am ideally looking for 28 people to sign up as it is my goal to send 28 cards/letters in February. I will post 1 letter a day (and 2 on Saturdays). But where do we go from here? Well, I am working on that!  So stay tuned and I’ll hopefully reel you in with my plans to spread sunshine through Happy Mail and Embrace Happy! Are you up for it? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and only sunshine to gain. So sign up…you know you want to!

Rest assured, I will not use your address for anything other than a letter in the sunshine, nor will I use or abuse your email address for anything other than to let you know your sunshine is on it’s way!

10 thoughts on “Happy Mail- February 2015”

  1. Love it, thank you. Was hoping to be able to send someone else one myself too though… maybe you should publish your address for us all?! 🙂

  2. Love this idea! I’m definitely up for sending some happy mail myself when the time comes – I miss letters and postcards and they always put a smile on my face so would love to do the same for others x

  3. Karin! Thank you ever so much for the lovely card! Was so much fun to go to the post office today and find your card and one from my mom! Please email me your address though, I would love to send you some Happy Mail back! And, I took your challenge and ran with it. Today is the 12th of February and I have mailed 17 envelopes and hand delivered 1 card of appreciation to my post mistress. We are visiting much more since I am at the post office every afternoon to mail something 🙂 Hugssssssssss!

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