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Share Embrace Happy Tuesday

Every Tuesday, since the end of October of last year, I have been travelling into London for my “in office” day as a social media community manager. I actually love Tuesdays now. I drop both Ella and Sam at school and preschool respectively, hop in my car, drive 12-15 minutes to town and hop on a train to Kings Cross. It’s a commute many make daily. I see them. Miserably sad and gloomy faces, barely looking at anyone, a perpetual frown on their faces that says “Don’t speak to me.” I can understand that attitude to a certain extent. If you make the commute to London on a daily basis, it is stressful and often fraught with challenges. For instance today, there is Industrial Action in London on some, but not all, bus lines. Thankfully I don’t rely on bus transport in London but if I did, that would make one more thing I would have to sort out upon arrival in the Big Smoke.


I do my best to enjoy my commute. I do my best to be pleasant, to smile, to say “Have a nice day!” I do my best to drink in the beauty of London and enjoy the time that I am there. I suppose it’s easy for me to say and do as I only have to suffer the commute once a week. But maybe, just maybe, if everyone approached their daily commute in a similar way, maybe, just maybe, the daily commute wouldn’t be such a giant pain in the arse?


One other small way I try to make my weekly commute better is to leave these little post-it notes where someone might find them. I write the quote “Not every day is good but there is good in every day” on a sticky note and leave it on the train, on the Tube, on a wall…anywhere that it could be found by a random stranger and just maybe, might brighten their day. Every Tuesday for me is Share Embrace Happy Tuesday! Will you spread a bit of sunshine with me? Imagine what a happy place the world would be if we all shared a bit less grump and a bit more sunshine? Think about it!


Have a fantastic Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Share Embrace Happy Tuesday”

    1. Michelle,
      It’s a great feeling leaving a little surprise for someone to find. I have had a few people share one’s they have found as well. Follow the #embracehappy hashtag on IG and you’ll see a few that aren’t mine!
      Karin xx

  1. This is such a wonderful idea. Karin, you are a true inspiration. I used to commute into London every day and it is tough. But I used to see it as time when I could do something for me – read, listen to music or snooze. Now I am a SAHM and sometimes I actually miss my commute. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. Mrs H’s Favourite Things,
      Thank you so much lovely! And thank you for being involved in the Embrace Happy Facebook group!
      Karin xx

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