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Tell me about your comfort zone

While we are all working hard and focusing on the good things in life, let’s face reality as well while we’re at it! There are hard times, times where we feel down, times where we want to crawl under the duvet, times where we just want to start the day over and erase what’s gone wrong. Everyone feels that…even the happiest one of us. What embracing happy has helped me to do, however, is to push through those moments and not wallow. Embrace Happy hasn’t put a rose-tint on everything in my life but it makes me appreciate the teeny, tiny things that mean the entire day is not lost.


Yesterday I challenged the Embrace Happy Facebook group to take time to appreciate the little things in life. So often, we blow by things that are relatively insignificant but actually are pretty darn awesome. One of the things I have been noticing a lot more, since embracing happy, are the clouds in the sky. It probably sounds airy-fairy but how gorgeous are clouds? Especially on a sunny day! They are dramatic, comforting, soft, wispy, fluffy and inspiring! Clouds…take some time to notice them this week! I also took the time to capture a few of life and nature’s miracles yesterday which again makes you stop and think…”Wow…just…wow!”


I encourage you to try this exercise one day. Create a photo collage or make a note of the Little Things in your journal or notebook. This can be the perfect antidote to what ails you on a down day or in those moments where your patience is really being tested! But what I really want to challenge you with today is to share with me your Comfort Zone! On those days where you’re struggling what helps you to wake up and smell the coffee? Maybe it IS the coffee! Does a lovely brew in your favourite cuppa (and maybe a cheeky biscuit) help to slow the pace down and bring the sunshine back? Do you need a walk in the fresh air? Maybe a bath with your favourite pampering potions helps to set the world to rights? Make a list of the comforts that help you to smile again and write them in your Embrace Happy notebook/journal. And then on “one of those days” pull out your notebook and have a look at that list and choose something that will help you. Ready? Steady? WRITE!


On another note, I would like to draw your attention to a lovely mention that Embrace Happy had over the weekend! The Netmums Parent Bloggers Network featured Embrace Happy in it’s most recent newsletter and even said “We see it as becoming one of the BIG SUCCESS STORIES of 2015”!!! Well well well! What a delightful thing to read! And I didn’t even ASK for them to feature Embrace Happy which is even better! Thank you very kindly to Netmums! I am also really excited to let you know that I will be delivering the closing keynote speech at Blog on Cymru on 7 March and will be presenting an INSPIRE session with another amazing, empowering Mum at BritMums Live this Summer! Embrace Happy is making it’s way, slowly but surely. Baby steps to awesomeness! Thanks for joining me on the ride!

Have a brilliant day! #embracehappy

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