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40 #embracehappy Acts- Day Three to Day Six

How are you doing on your #embracehappy adventure this Lent? As I am not giving anything up, per se, I am doing pretty well! I very much like the idea of focusing on giving and reaching out versus giving something up. It’s certainly a more positive approach to changing habits and improving yourself! We started last week with our initial pledge to keep up with #3goodthings throughout these 40 days (which I hope you’re doing well with) and then moved on to Day Two where we wrote a card or letter to a LOCAL friend or family member and hand-delivered some sunshine to their door. That was a lovely one…such a simple act with a much larger result!


Day Three: Keeping up with the Writing effort but on Day Three, I asked you to write a note to one of (or all of) your children. I wanted you to tell them how special they were and then leave it for them to find before bed. This is where sticky notes or small pieces of card come in very handy! I’m in the process of attaching clothes pegs to Ella and Sam’s doors to be able to leave notes more frequently for them. It doesn’t even have to be anything massive, just a simple note to say I LOVE YOU!


Day Four: Listen! Too often, when we get together with friends or even with family members or our other half, we tend to half-listen and are constantly looking for opportunities to interject our opinion or something that happened to us that was similar. When was the last time you LISTENED to someone. Just stopped talking, stopped half-listening and truly devoted your brain and your heart to what the person in front of you was saying? It’s actually quite hard to do! Try it. You’ll see! People don’t want to hear about what happened to you or what you think they should do (unless they actually ask for your opinion), they just want to be listened to! So do it!


Day Five: Sunday Dinner- I am beginning to fall back in love with the idea of Sunday Dinner. I have lowered my expectations for what that dinner has to be (it does NOT have to be a full-works traditionally English Roast Dinner) and have focused on the idea of just being together as a family. So yesterday, Ella chose the menu (mirroring her Pizza Express menu from a few weeks before), made her own version of the printed menu, we invited Nanny & Grandad to join us in the evening and we went out and got supplies. Ella made welcome signs and helped to make the brownies and we ended up having a lovely Sunday Dinner with our family. It wasn’t Roast Dinner (dough balls, pasta bolognese & cottage pie, brownies with ice cream) but it was awesome.


Day Six: And that brings us to today, Monday 23 February, Day Six! Today is easy. It’s Monday, so let’s ease into the week and do something that pretty much everyone should be able to do. I want you to give a 10 second hug! That sounds easy but grab onto someone and actually count out 10 seconds and you’ll see that it’s a bit longer than you think it is. We’re so quick to grab someone, even our other half or our children, and just give them a squeeze that lasts maybe 2 seconds. But actually hold onto them, breathe in their scent, close your eyes and revel in that simple, short moment. One day that person will not be around for a 10 second hug, one day that person may not want a 10 second hug…TAKE EVERY HUG YOU CAN GET! I would caution you against hugging a complete stranger for 10 seconds but if you’re brave, give it a go! Go forth and HUG!

Enjoy your Monday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more inspiration. #embracehappy

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