Celebrate the Week that Was – February 2-8, 2015

This week has been filled with new plans, To Do Lists, Dance lessons, Swimming lessons, Anniversaries, good news, disappointments, dance steps, Me Time and Birthday parties. Sometimes I wonder how we manage to fit it all in! The one thing that tends to go out the window these days is my cooking. My motivation is next to nil and I’ve slipped back into bad habits of convenience foods and easier choices. I need help in this area so feel free to send your suggestions my way.

I really enjoyed watching Ella and Sammy playing together this week. For some reason they have been getting along famously and have had lots of fun together. I really hope this continues forever and ever!

I gained a lot of happiness through starting the February Happy Mail programme. I’ve been visiting our local postbox daily and having a great time decorating the envelopes and filling each envelope with sunshine. Watch for news about the March Happy Mail programme coming soon.

Daffodils and Snow Drops are making an appearance already so I felt it was time to add some Spring to the window ledge by my workspace. I have been tending to my own daffs now! I also gave Mark a lovely bouquet of pink & white roses for our Anniversary on Wednesday. Our house is very pretty at the moment.

Mark and I carried on with our 4th week of Ballroom Dancing lessons and have now added the Rhumba and Quickstep to our repertoire. We both are really enjoying it and are doing really well. Who knew?!

Ella and I had some nice cuddles while watching The Voice on Saturday night. I think Ella thinks it is a bit like a game show to see when the mentor turns around! I don’t care what we watch, as long as she still wants cuddles with me!

Ella got the chance to wear her Bibbiddi Bobbidi Boo sparkly shoes to a friend’s birthday party to wrap up the week. To be honest, I wish I had pretty, sparkly shoes too!! Our week was filled with plenty of sparkle but you really can’t beat a pair of sparkly shoes can you?


How was your week? What was the best thing that happened to you this week? Celebrate the Week that Was!

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Karin Joyce is a 40-something wife & mother who is helping to spread happiness one smile at a time. Karin is also a blogger and social media addict whom you may also know as Cafe Bebe. American by birth, UK permanent resident by marriage, Karin loves The Mentalist (specifically Simon Baker), her smartphone and lie-ins on Saturday mornings.

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