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Flashback Friday- Friends

Today’s Flashback Friday theme, Friends, came to me when I was thinking this week about how long I have been friends with a local friend of mine. Six and a half years ago, I met a lovely Mum and Daughter at a Sure Start Children’s Centre Baby Beans music class. We chatted a bit in the class and discovered that our then 3 month-old daughters were only 3 days apart in age! We formed a fast friendship and began attending a few more classes together. We became friendly with several other Mums who gradually formed a small circle of Mums. We socialised together out of classes, met up for coffee mornings and walks at local parks. We celebrated first and second birthdays and then gradually, as some Mums returned to work we just naturally began to drift apart. Sabina and I, thankfully, never did. Our girls were best friends. We did a lot of things together and went on a lot of brilliant adventures. Sabina welcomed a second child and later a third. Eventually I added Sam to the group and we had a wonderful little gang. SIX AND A HALF YEARS!! We’ve been through a lot together and while, unfortunately due to county lines, our girls no longer go to school together and their friendship has changed somewhat, we are still the best of friends. I consider this a really important friendship and am grateful it has lasted as long as it has. So today I am taking a little walk down memory lane with our children, celebrating friendship and smiling.

I would love to see your Flashback Friday Friends stories and pictures! It always makes me happy to take these walks back in time and to celebrate the happiness from then and the happiness it still brings! Have a wonderful walk down Memory Lane! #embracehappy


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  1. Awww I missed this one! What a lovely post, I too am very happy that our friendship hasn’t waned although it makes me very sad that our girls aren’t as close as they used to be 🙁 we have many happy shared memories with you guys and look forward to making many more xx

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