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Happiness Challenge- Bring Flowers

It’s the middle of February and while Spring is starting to show in the UK, the skies are still pretty grey, the temperature still requires coats, hats, scarves and gloves and the Sun lacks true warmth. One of my favourite ways to brighten our house is to buy flowers. More often than not, we are shopping at Aldi these days and I have found their bouquets to be so affordable I can’t NOT buy them and the flowers tend to last 10 days to two weeks depending on the type of flower. You don’t need to splash out £20 or more to find quality flowers that will last and last. In fact, more often than not, the flower shop bouquets or expensive bouquets from Tesco or Waitrose, never last as long as my bargain supermarket finds. No, you’re not going to find exotic blossoms but for everyday prettiness that will brighten EVERY home, it’s perfect.

My Happiness Challenge to you today is to Bring Flowers! Pop round to the nearest bargain supermarket (or posh supermarket or quaint locally sourced flower shop depending on your budget) and pick up a simple bouquet. If you have time, trim the stems and arrange them in a little vase or in a bit of wrapping or tissue paper and write out a quick card to accompany them. Then you get the fun part…delivering them! Who needs flowers? EVERYONE! But who, in your life right now, needs flowers? Could your child’s teacher rediscover their smile thanks to a posy of carnations? Would your Mother-in-Law happily overlook your latest transgressions if you presented her with an assortment of lillies? Maybe your daughter or son could feel happier about their day when you present them with a single rose? What about your neighbour or friend across town? Even better, what about a lovely bunch of tulips left for a lucky person on the bus, tube, train or street corner! Random Acts of Flowers…it could catch on!


What are you waiting for? Get rolling on your Happiness Challenge to Bring Flowers and thereby HAPPINESS to someone special in your life! Who will the lucky recipient be? Share your deliveries with us on the #embracehappy hashtag on social media. I can’t wait to see some of your gorgeous bouquets!

Share your thoughts! Embrace Happy!

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