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Happiness Challenges-January

Every day, on our Embrace Happy Facebook group, I start the day with a challenge. The members are welcome to join in publicly or privately in their own journals/notebooks or not at all! I’m not big on “YOU MUST DO” when it comes to embracing happy. Do or Do Not…the choice is entirely up to you. However, it is a lot more fun when people join in! Here are some of the challenges from the month of January. You might enjoy trying some of these yourself, either publicly in our Embrace Happy Facebook group, in a blog post or simply for yourself in your journal or notebook. I will, going forward, be updating each Sunday with the challenges from the week that was so you are able to catch up yourself.


Celebrate the Week that Was: Sunday is a great day to look back at the week that was and celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly. If you’re anything like me you may have taken a few photos over the past week. Find a collection of photos from the week that really say something about that day or the week as a whole. Make a collage (use an app on your phone or create one in PicMonkey or Canva on your laptop/PC) and, here’s the most important part, PRINT IT OUT! Display your collage in a place of honour for the week so that everyone can enjoy the highlights from the past week.


Happy Mail sign up– have you signed up for my Happy Mail programme for February? It’s not too late to get involved. Over 30 people have! I’m sending out my first wave of Happy Mail today. You have until the end of February to join in.

Happy Mail

Share Embrace Happy Tuesday– every Tuesday is Share Embrace Happy! Leave a random post-it note where someone will find it. My favourite quote to share is “Not every day is good but there is good in every day!” It’s our group mantra after all! Add the #embracehappy hashtag so that if the recipient is particularly social media savvy, they just might let us know how much this bit of inspiration meant to them.




Top 5 Personal Strengths: Write down the 5 things that make you AWESOME. What things do you do best? What would you say sells you best if you were applying for a job or writing a personal bio for something. Give yourself a bit of credit…you are pretty amazing when it comes right down to it.

Make a list of the things that make you Happy: What makes you Happy? Who makes you happy? Where is your Happy place? Make a list. It doesn’t matter what order it is in, just write everything down. You can make it decorative or simple, just write them down. On a day when you are flagging, return to this list and remind yourself about all of the amazing things and people in your life! The perfect gratitude moment!

Flashback Friday: Every Friday we take a step back in time, usually with a theme, to share a photo from our near or distant past and the story that goes along with it! I love the stories that come out to support the photos. I find myself transported back and everyone else’s stories make me smile as well. Especially if there is bad hair involved! Last week we delved back into the Work archives, the week before we went on a Holiday from the past and the week before that we were celebrating Winter! This is great fun…don’t miss this one!

Notice the BEAUTIFUL you: Once again, I want you to dig back into your photo archives and find photos where you feature heavily. Find at least 5 photos that show you at your most beautiful (inside or out) and create a collage. Again, PRINT it out and display the Beautiful You Collage in a place of honour to showcase you at your happiest and finest. This is particularly important for your children to see as most of the time, Mums tend to be BEHIND the camera! Get in the frame!

Appreciate the Little Things: Take some time, ideally on a weekend day where time slows down and expectations are a bit lower, to notice the little things in life. Take your camera and go out for a walk either in your neighbourhood, village, local park, in town, shopping, anywhere you can find ORDINARY things that make you happy. Think of it as a Little Things Scavenger Hunt! What glorious things will you find?


Share your Comfort Zone: Where are you most comfortable? What makes you warm and fuzzy? Who do you turn to in times of trouble? Share with me, your safe harbour from the storm. Keep a list of these people, places and things for those grumpy days when you are finding it hard to find your #3goodthings.

Become a Happiness Ninja: Sneak attack! Shower someone with an anonymous surprise! It could be a bouquet of flowers on the doorstep of a neighbour or friend who has helped you out. Maybe a small box of chocolate for your child to leave for their teacher? What about a lovely post-it note of encouragement for a random stranger? Seeking out those who could use a boost and doing so in a stealthy, selfless way is the best present you can give to yourself.


You’re never fully dressed without a smile: This is a brilliant line! Your face is missing a very important feature when you forget to smile! Have a peek at yourself in a store window when you are out and about next time. What does your face say about you? Are you sporting your “resting bitch face”? Does your face say “Get away from me now, I’m in a mood!” Or does your face say “Hi, Good Morning, how ARE you today?” I know which one I prefer and I know that most people around you would prefer the smile as well. You just may make another person smile as well and right there you have improved the world a teeny bit!

So there are some of the challenges I have set for the Embrace Happy Facebook group over the month of January. We’re carrying on in February, do join us!


Share your thoughts! Embrace Happy!

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