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Send some Happy Mail

This week, being the first week of February, I have been gradually sending out Happy Mail cards to the 40 people who signed up for the Happy Mail programme. We have UK residents, a participant from Spain, South Africa, Canada and several from the United States. It’s awesome! I am writing out their cards by hand, adding some embellishments, stickers, happy things…it’s all very fulfilling you know? That may sound odd but it’s true! Sitting down, writing out a personal message, including some fun and sunshine which you know will make the recipient smile- it’s such a VERY good thing! This is my challenge for you today- SEND SOME HAPPY MAIL to a friend or family member!


In this day and age, we have turned a bit away from the “old school” art of writing letters/cards/notes to friends and family. When we spend most of our time on our smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops throughout the day, sending an email or text or using an app like Moonpig or Touchnote is too easy! There’s nothing wrong with this either. We can readily keep in touch with loved ones on a regular, even hourly, basis but there’s something special about taking the time to SIT DOWN with a card which has been made or purchased, picking up a pen or felt tip, writing a heartfelt message, decorating and addressing an envelope and making the effort to buy a stamp & physically put the whole shebang in the postbox. That takes a bit more effort which tells the recipient how important they must be to you! We all should do this more really. Slow down, take time, keep in touch. Happy Mail…it’s a very good thing.

For a moment, think about every day when you go to check your postbox. For just a split second, if you’re anything like me, you have visions of something lovely and fun in your postbox, waiting to make your day. Unfortunately, most of the time we find random flyers addressed to “The Occupant”, bills, charity appeals and bank statements. Blah. I tend to wait several days before checking the postbox these days. There just isn’t much in there to anticipate! But you know who LOVES checking the postbox? My daughter! Age 6. Ella skips up the drive when we return home each afternoon from school and the first thing she does is hop up on the still-present patio slabs (from last year’s garden project that still have to be moved) to peer into the postbox. If she catches a glimpse of paper, I have to immediately get the key so she can retrieve whatever is inside. It’s very rarely for her (but it should be…I need to remedy this) but she’s just excited to see what might be in it! We should all be this excited about what’s in the postbox!

So today, resolve to send some Happy Mail! Pick up a card or postcard, think of someone who could really use a bit of sunshine through their postbox, buy a stamp (better yet, buy a book of stamps so you can carry on sending Happy Mail) and pop that Happy Mail in the postbox. Brighten someone’s day. You will find your day is just that little bit brighter as well. I’ve got 3 more cards being sent out today. Will it be yours? I’ll be bringing you a new Happy Mail campaign for March so get ready for the next sign up. In the meantime, who will YOU send some Happy Mail to today? #embracehappy

6 thoughts on “Send some Happy Mail”

  1. I love this ! I’m going to Wal-Mart and pick up postcards today and mail them out as soon as I can, and I know our post office sells great stamps that have balloons on them and say “Celebrate”. YUP, I’m doing it !

  2. Well you certainly brightened my day, thank you so much. You have such fabulous handwriting! And obviously such a warm heart. Thank you from the bottom of mine. I will send the love forward as you suggest 🙂 x

    1. Steph,
      Thank you lovely! I’m the daughter of teachers so my handwriting has always been pretty spot on! I am so pleased that I brightened your day. I will look forward to hearing whose day you brightened as well!
      Karin xx

    1. Sara,
      I’m working on some fun ideas I will be sharing soon on Embrace Happy too. Let’s get back into writing and communicating again?!
      Karin xx

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