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Slow Down & #embracehappy

It’s Saturday. Usually I like to lounge in bed on Saturday mornings while Mark gets up with the kids. This morning I was the gracious wife and got up with Ella and Sam and made pancakes. Pancakes are good for the soul you know? Especially with Nutella and marshmallows on top!

I did decide, however, that today was the perfect day for a bit of Me time! I need a break and Mark needs to have more quality time with just him in charge of Ella and Sam. And so, after a bit of negotiation, a quick bath and a drive in the car, I am sitting in a Costa Coffee tippy-tapping away on my smartphone while my tea cools. It’s time to slow down & #embracehappy!


I’d like to challenge you, for this weekend, to slow down & #embracehappy. This may mean taking some “Me” time or giving your partner some “Him” time. This hopefully will mean literally slowing down the pace of your life for two days. Hopefully in your house, weekends are more about family time and not racing from one thing to the next. It may also mean racing from one thing to the next as you take one child to dance, the other child to football and both children to a birthday party. But regardless of how much or how little is going on these two days, make a conscious effort to slow down. That may even require you to tell yourself, out loud, “Slow down!” Take time to appreciate what’s going on around you. Watch the steam rise on your coffee, feel the warmth in your hands, take in the full aroma as you drink it. Notice the clouds and the sparkle of the sun. Admire the reflection of the sky in the puddles on the road. Listen to the joyous sound of your children’s laughter. Tickle them and roll around on the floor and breathe in their scent. Kiss your partner properly and hold them close for at least 10 seconds or more. Don’t rush it, these moments are ones to treasure.


How will you slow down & #embracehappy today? I would love to hear about the moments you find to store and celebrate. Share them with me on social media and through the #embracehappy hashtag. I’m going to enjoy my tea now and people watch! Happy weekend.

3 thoughts on “Slow Down & #embracehappy”

  1. I LOVE this challenge! Some kind of karma is at work too as I was just reading a chapter on Hands Free Mama by Rachel Stafford about doing just this! So I’ve made a pact with myself that tonight instead of making supper as usual for everyone I’m going to let my 5 year old choose what we eat as a ‘healthy’ meal and ask her if I can help HER make it. Slow for sure but I’m excited about letting her take over and being her sous chef!

    1. Michelle,
      Fantastic plan! I love that idea! I may try that with Ella one night. Great exercise in patience and letting go! Let me know how you get on. Enjoy your SLOW dinner! 🙂
      Karin xx

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