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Sunday is one of my favourite days of the week. Friday is my first favourite.  Never mind that I’m a Mum and work from home so it’s not like Friday signifies a major change in my daily life. Friday for me means the start of family time, the beginning of shared parenting and less-stressed time with my husband.

Sunday is about lazy mornings and our new favourite tradition, Breakfast in Bed!


There’s a bit of give and take in our house with Breakfast in Bed. Sometimes the Hubby or I get up, make tea, toast, get fruit, yoghurt and juice for the children and bring it all up on a tray for us to enjoy on our bed. Sometimes I get up, get small trays for Ella and Sam with their favourite treats and bring it up to Ella’s room so they can enjoy breakfast while watching a DVD. Then Mark and I enjoy our tea and toast in relative peace and quiet. And sometimes my darling daughter will creep downstairs and make a delightfully creative breakfast in bed for the rest of us. We just love Breakfast in Bed now. Our Sunday doesn’t seem right if we don’t have this little luxury! This is our new Sunday Best!


I’d like to know what your Sunday Best is? Do you have a regular Sunday tradition? Roast dinner? An awesome fry-up? A regular outing or play place? Or maybe something SPECIAL has happened this Sunday? A one off surprise that really made your Sunday!  Share your Sunday Best with me! Write it up on your blog, tag me (@karinjoyce on IG) and use the hashtag #embracehappy or share in our Embrace Happy Facebook group. It doesn’t matter how, just celebrate happiness and family with your Sunday Best. I look forward to seeing your happy times.


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Karin Joyce is a 40-something wife & mother who is helping to spread happiness one smile at a time. Karin is also a blogger and social media addict whom you may also know as Cafe Bebe. American by birth, UK permanent resident by marriage, Karin loves The Mentalist (specifically Simon Baker), her smartphone and lie-ins on Saturday mornings.

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