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The Green Gables- Happy Paper Club

The internet is an amazingly wonderful place sometimes! It brings people together who would never have found each other otherwise. About a month ago, a fellow blogging friend alerted me to The Green Gables as one of the featured products was all about “Happy Post”. Genius! Gabrielle Treanor, the creative genius behind The Green Gables is now a member of our Embrace Happy Facebook group and has given me a sneak peek of her awesome new subscription service, the Happy Paper Club! This new offering from The Green Gables suits me to a “tea” as one of the original thoughts behind Embrace Happy was that I wanted people to send more sunshine through the post by good, old-fashioned snail mail. The Happy Paper Club will tick this box for sure!

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Here’s how Gabrielle explains her Happy Paper Club:

Happy Paper Club is a monthly stationery subscription service that delivers boxes filled with papery goodness, happy and inspirational messages, and more to boost your happiness and spread a little joy. Along with a selection of the green gables’ stationery, each box includes exciting new items that are exclusive to Happy Paper Club. Because we like to make things fun, the exact contents of each box is kept secret until it arrives at your door!

Members of Happy Paper Club also benefit from a discount on everything at thegreengables.co.uk, and can look forward to a little surprise treat in their birthday month…

What an absolute treasure! You receive a Happy Paper Club box in the post each month with goodness knows what in it? It’s all guaranteed to make you SMILE and hopefully pass that joy on to others far and near. And for a measly £10 per month, this seems like the perfect treat to me!

So, pop on over to The Green Gables to investigate Gabrielle Treanor’s Happy Paper Club and get signed up to Gabrielle’s newsletter so you are ready for the first day to order the Happy Paper Club! And have a look at her gorgeous Valentine’s Day cards and gifts while you are at it! I only wish I was as creatively gifted as Gabrielle. Happy shopping!

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6 thoughts on “The Green Gables- Happy Paper Club”

    1. Julia,
      Thank you! I thought I would spruce up the blog a bit as I plan on taking it to the moon and back! Gabrielle’s Happy Paper Club is only £10 per month but certainly understandable if you’re not much of a mail kind of gal! Definitely pick up plenty of postcards on your travels though! You can never have too many cards!
      Karin xx

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