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10 Random Things- March

March is nearly over! How is this possible? I seem to be asking this question every month, however! It seems like only the other day that we were heading to Wales for BlogOn Cymru and suddenly next week is April! It must be a good thing that time is flying though right? I thought I would share 10 Random Things with you for March if you would indulge me. It’s not been an easy month for me and I have had to do a lot of Gratitude Exercises to bring me back up. I feel a bit “stuck in the muck” to be honest, yet I have continued to find #3goodthings every day and be quite grateful for what we have. And so…here was March:

  1. Sammy headed off on his first out-of-preschool field trip! They are visiting a local farm where they will run around like lunatics, feed some lambs, terrorise other wee animals and generally have a brilliant time. I am grateful I only remembered that Sam had this field trip yesterday or I would have had more than 18 hours to ruminate about my baby’s first trip anywhere without me. I dutifully packed his lunch, spare clothes and raincoat, popped his cap and sunglasses on his little head and waved at him through the window as I left. Weep. Who will take 800 pictures if I am not there??
  2. Ella, meanwhile, has surprised me by indicating that she’s interested in performing at her school’s “Britain’s Got Talent” variety show! There must have been a great pitch from the teachers at school because she actually is seriously considering singing a number from “Annie” which her Musical Theatre class is currently working on. I am so proud of how brave my little girl is! It may not come to anything but she’s not concerned about needing other classmates around her to perform and for that I am intensely proud!
  3. I have been so pleased to volunteer in Ella’s class the last 4 weeks, introducing the Embrace Happy Club to some pretty awesome 6 and 7 year olds. The last 4 weeks our themes have included: What makes ME happy, Making our Friends happy, Sharing happiness with our Family and Showing Happiness in the Community. Last week was a lovely, warm, sunny Friday and the children were outside creating Embrace Happy messages in chalk, making HAPPY faces on craft sticks and wrapping simply flowers into cones with messages for their friends and loved ones. We played my Embrace Happy Club Soundtrack and the children AND adults were grooving to some great tunes. I was so very proud!
  4. Mark and I are continuing with our weekly Ballroom Dancing class! The current session has come to an end but we were such a lovely and attentive group that the instructor is carrying on with a now Intermediate Group session. I am actually shopping online for ballroom dancing shoes! I love it truly and wish we had a nice dance floor we could practise on during the week! How fun!
  5. Friendships are funny aren’t they? I have been struggling as of late. Feeling out of the loop, out of touch, out of the “cool kids”. I’m not sure if it’s the whole “stuck in the muck” thing but I feel sad about it. I don’t know how to fix it but Mark and I were talking about it last night and I may adopt his way of thinking. Neither Mark nor I have many friends. That sounds a bit horrid but first and foremost, we are each other’s best friend. Due to his work situation, there are not a lot of friendships that have resulted for Mark. I have made some lovely friends thanks to Ella’s school life for which I am quite grateful. I suppose friendship has its ebbs and flows and right now I seem to be on an ebb. Mark says that I need to just accept things for the way they are now, not stress about it, not try to find drama behind it and just carry on. Carry on I will.
  6. Technology sucks! I am still struggling with various tech issues with this site. I can assure you that everything you click on is totally safe and sound but somewhere, somehow, some complete tosser has created a redirect in here. You can’t even begin to find it yourself, as a reader and I most certainly can’t find it from the back end but it is hiding in the code somewhere. If anyone would like to help me “pro-bono”, please get in touch. My host is completely baffled and can’t help me either. Hackers suck.
  7. I love my home. But do you ever look around you and think, “I think I will just move rather than fix everything that needs fixing!” Our entrance hallway, stairs and upstairs hallway walls are in a dire state of partial prep for coats of white paint which we hope will brighten up our home. The walls have been in this state since the beginning of February when Mark began removing old, horrid wallpaper, plastering and patching holes and generally cleaning the goo away. Mark is taking holiday from work from 3 April and is hoping to tackle some of this. In addition to the walls it would appear that pretty much every window in our house has reached it’s limit for draught prevention. Gee, wonder how much 5-7 new double-glazed PVC windows will cost? And don’t get me started on our garden!
  8. I’m getting quite excited about my new, bright yellow Moleskine notebook which turned up yesterday. I am in the process of turning it into, what I am calling, a Focus Journal. I have found that my attention span is ridiculously short, in part I believe, to my incessant use of technology. I have my phone in hand virtually all of the time. If I get bored (which happens often) I instantly swipe to read or view something else. It’s kind of like when commercials come on when you’re watching a tv programme- I am forever fast-forwarding! I am creating a system which will hopefully find me reaching for my Focus Journal in those moments of ennui instead of clicking and swiping to something better. Watch this space!
  9. I am taking action with my eating and hopefully soon, with my exercise. It is quite clear to me that bread, pasta, sugar and most-things-white do not do me any favours. While being Coeliac requires those “white” things to at least be gluten-free, they most certainly are not sugar-free or calorie free. The Winter months have seen me putting back on about 6lbs from the 18lbs that I lost last year when I started a Paleo-ish way of eating. So, bread is out, pasta is out, sugar is dramatically limited which also means that traditional English Breakfast tea is down to one cup in the morning. I spent Friday-Monday weathering a low-grade headache which I believe was caffeine & sugar withdrawal. Finally today I feel better without a bad head! I am not 100% Cavewoman Paleo by any means but I do know what works for me and I am hoping that eating better and adding some gentle exercise will help me to lose about 10lbs in the next 3 months!
  10. What random thoughts are you having about March? Has March been a brilliant month for you or are you a bit “stuck in the muck” like me? How are you extricating yourself and getting on? I’d love to hear about your month of March! Share it with me, write a blog post or leave me a comment below. Have a brilliant end to this month!

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2 thoughts on “10 Random Things- March”

  1. Such a full and busy month for you Karin with ups & downs. You haven’t added the huge impact #embracehappy has had on so many folks. I know it can bring it’s own stress & pressure but it is something to shout about.

  2. Gosh I can totally relate to no 7! TOTALLY! In fact for 2 years I have bugged David to move for this exact reason but then I got over myself and am slowly fixing things! The kids room make overs have spured me on!

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