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Technical Difficulties and Amazing Opportunities

This week I have learned a valuable lesson! Keep up with regular blog maintenance and protect your site with Security plugins! On Monday morning, a lovely Embrace Happy friend messaged me to let me know that Google had placed a warning on this site: ‘This Site May Be Hacked’. Gee thanks Google! Funny how Google sees fit to warn people about you but doesn’t have the courtesy to let YOU know in the process! At any rate, I then spent the next 24+ hours trying to figure out what was wrong, when it happened, going back and forth with my patient Web Hosts and tippy-tapping at the laptop well past midnight to try to sort out my difficulties. Thankfully, by Tuesday morning, the warning was lifted and it would appear that I am no longer “HACKED”. I now have security measures in place, am being alerted regularly to random bots who are trying to log in to the back end of this site and in general wondering what on Earth Hackers would want with my little site. Geesh!

UPDATE (16/03/15): I have continued to struggle with a right nightmare on both Cafe Bebe and Embrace Happy. It would seem that some horrid hackers have somehow placed URL redirects on my site which, when clicked, take people to a site where you pay for someone to write your term papers. Relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things BUT it is still an unwanted invasion of my site and one that Google frowns upon. I can assure you that if you click on this or any other running post, you will not be infected or terrorised or redirected BUT I have suspended posting mainly because I don’t know what else has been compromised. I have been a blogger for almost 6 years now and I have NEVER had this problem. It’s a mess, to put it simply. But my web host is working with me to solve it and hopefully at some point in the not too distant future we will be back to normal.

In my joyous wading through my site and themes and plugins, etc I was able to clean up a lot, delete a lot more, update a bit and ultimately, give Embrace Happy a lovely SPRING make-over! I am honoured to have had Gabrielle Treanor from The Green Gables design the new Embrace Happy Logo. You’ll see it in the header on the top of the page as well as in future creations from me. It’s so lovely to have a bright, happy site for people to peruse and I hope you will enjoy exploring it as I continue to add more resources and take Embrace Happy forward. Let me know what you think and what you’d like to see more of!


On Friday 6 March, after school, Mark, Ella and Sam and I piled into the car and made our way down the long and winding road to Cardiff, Wales. I was honoured to be asked to give the closing Keynote speech at the first BlogOn Cymru blogging conference. The conference itself was in an awesome venue, the Sherman Cymru theatre, and had a lovely, comfortable feel to it. There were wonderful sessions on Working with Brands, a hands-on photography session with the brilliant Lucy Heath from Capture by Lucy, and a social media panel with amazing bloggers who have fought the social media battle and won! I had a brilliant day chatting with blogging friends and Embrace Happy members & supporters. I also received a heart-warming gift from the lovely Ali at Over a Cuppa which made me feel so appreciated.

Photo provided by Ojo’s World


And then before I knew it, it was my turn. I love speaking to people and presenting but for some reason, I was REALLY nervous before giving the keynote. This was the first time I was sharing my Embrace Happy message VERBALLY and in front of an audience, albeit a very lovely and encouraging audience. But I dove in and did it. I talked about my life before Embrace Happy, my pivotal moments that led me to Embrace Happy and the practise of #3goodthings. I repeated my favourite quote several times throughout the chat, “Not every day is good but there is good in every day” and I think I may have opened a few eyes and minds. Several attendees came up to me after the conference to thank me for my message and mention how much it meant to them which is all I am looking for really. To make a difference, brighten a few people’s lives and help people to celebrate the good in their lives…well, that’s all I need!

BlogOn Cymru was an amazing opportunity to share the Embrace Happy message and I would like to thank LauraThe Boy and Me and Debbie for putting on such a nurturing conference. The goody bag was mighty impressive as well with major thanks in particular to Mia Tui and Interplay. Unfortunately, Mark, Ella and Sam didn’t get to enjoy Cardiff in the way that we had hoped but we’ll definitely return to explore Barry Island and Cardiff Bay in particular. I was extremely proud to be asked to speak and close the conference and I hope to be able to present sessions in the future at other Blogging and Motivational conferences. What an amazing weekend! #embracehappy

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  1. I loved hearing you and meeting at Blog on and you have REALLY inspired me! I have so far embraced happy with 3goodthings for a whole week over on IG and have done yoga almost everyday too – which is my time to be happy alone! I saw your ‘focus’ post on IG – are you blogging that too? Thanks again 🙂 x

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