10 Random Things

10 Random Things -April

I am aware that we are now in the month of May but I wanted to share my 10 Random Things for April and wrap up the month that was. May is off to a really lovely start so I am hoping this will carry on.


1) We’ve had some lovely days spent at my in-law’s house this past month. I almost see their house as a warm respite from the buzz of our house and life. They live in a dreamy hamlet where there are not even enough houses to classify it as a village! It’s quiet, slow, green and calm. Ella and Sam run around, roll down hills, take Nanny & Grandad’s dog Buster for a walk and build with vintage LegoDuplo. All of this is delightful but it also makes me wish that my family were just a 5 minute drive away!

2) My new goal is to ALWAYS have a supply of my new favourite comfort food, Gluten Free Ground Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies on hand. I see it a bit as a way to remember my Gram who died 10 days ago.

3) Spreading Happiness has been quite easy this past month as I have spent a great deal of time with Ella’s Year Two class in preparation for our Embrace Happy assembly tomorrow for the entire school. I love being involved in school activities and this group of students has really absorbed everything so well. There’s nothing quite like a full-on huggle from 6 & 7 year-olds.


4) My wonderful husband has worked his little bum off getting our new patio laid and what a glorious job he did! What began about a year ago and was finally tackled in earnest about 6 weeks ago is now done! We have a fabulous new seating/eating area and will now move on to getting the rest of the patio raised, laid and beautified. I say “We” in the Royal We kind of way: Mark worked, I project managed!

5) Despite still not having been paid for a month of social media work from my former client (from the month of January), I have managed to pull myself out of my funk and have started a new bit of social media work for a new client. It’s all a learning curve, this freelance lifestyle but I feel very positive about this newest challenge. The best thing that it has done is get my brain ticking again. I can feel the creativity starting to flow which makes me feel happy!

6) Do you ever just want to pack up your life, rent out your house and just go on an amazing adventure? No? Just me then? I have dreams about this. But how to make it happen? I don’t know! Advice is most welcome on this.

7) How do you keep the spark alive with your partner after years and years together? Mark and I have started a Ballroom Dancing class which meets once a week. We love it…REALLY! But now we need to find time to put it to better use. Dancing once a week isn’t enough. I kind of forget what it’s like to have a social life!

8) Endings and beginnings! Last week I closed the door on Cafe Bebe, my nearly 6 year old parent blog. It was time. And now I have to decide what this new beginning is for me. I’m trying to tap into my creative side again and find that drive, motivation and passion. And my niche. I don’t want to be one of thousands. Input, again, is more than welcome.

9) Acknowledgment – Last week I was honoured to discover that Embrace Happy has been short-listed for BritMums Brilliance in Blogging award in the Inspire category. The other amazing blogs included are beyond words with their brilliance so it is astonishing that I have been included with them. I am not one to canvas for votes but if you are voting and if Embrace Happy has helped you in any way, I would be grateful for your support. We’ll see what happens next!

10) Spring- I will leave you with some awesome images I have captured of our rather petulant Spring thus far. I find so much happiness in Spring and hope you do as well!





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